October 26, 2010

The two most important men in my life.....♥

So today is a special day.  Not only is it my husband's birthday, but it is also my father's birthday.  Pretty cool huh?  I remember when I first started dating Tim, we were riding in the car and I ran down my usual list of questions.....how do you spell your last name again, what's your favorite color, and when is your birthday. :)  And when he said October 26th I freaked because that is the same day as my Dad's birthday.  Pretty dang cool.  :)

Happy Birthday to the two most important men in my life!  I love you both SO much and I hope you both have a FABULOUS birthday! ♥

My husband and I at a Halloween Party back in college.  Good times... :)

And since Auburn is ranked #1, I thought my Dad would appreciate this pic.....WAR EAGLE!!! 
Just in time for you Birthday huh Dad?  I made some phone calls.... :)

Have a fabulous day! 
Stay tuned for the gorgeous Anni and her awesome anytime session!


Katie said...

Happy birthday boys! AND War Eagle!

Andi said...

That is so weird and super cool! Happy Birthday to both the awesome guys!

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