September 25, 2010

Jet Lag....

We are back from Europe!  If you are my friend on Facebook then you have seen most of my pics from our of the advantages of being my friend on FB! ;)  But for those of you who haven't seen a single one (Nicole) don't worry...I will be posting each city as well as hotel, restaurant, and activity recs for those interested.  But for now we are dealing with some serious jet lag....Arriving in Europe we seemed to skip Europe time and went straight to Russian time.  All messed up, then when we finally got used to the time change, it was time to come home.  So now we are going to bed at 9pm (fighting to stay awake) and waking up at 5 or 6am.  I am not a mornng person, but this morning I woke up ready to go!  I piled my hair on top of my head and threw on my "fo" Uggs and set out on a mini morning shoot.  Then I came home, ate some breakfast, and took Gracie for an early morning walk.....which we all enjoyed very much.  Maybe this getting up early thing will be a permanent thing?  We shall see.... :)  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Have a fabulous day! :)

September 13, 2010 we come!

So today we set off on our Euro Vacay!  I am SOOOOOO excited!  We have been planning this trip for a while and it is FINALLY here!  I have never been to Europe and plan on taking a million bazillion pictures!  We will be spending our days in Amsterdam, then Paris, and finally Germany.  We have our itinerary set, and I have packed my brain with helpful information from travel blogs and travel books.  I still laugh at myself when I attempt to speak french, but I am looking forward to experiencing the different cultures and taking in as much as I possibly can.  I will be taking my computer and camera with me, so stay tuned for some Euro Vacay awesomeness! :) 

September 12, 2010

St. Louis Destination Wedding Photographer - Amarillo Texas

On a hot August day in Amarillo Texas, Erin and Aaron gathered with friends and family and became husband and wife.  Who knew that two strangers who met on a somewhat blind date (I explain here) would fall in love and get married?  I did.  The first time I met them, was the first time they met each other face to face.  During dinner you could tell that they had a real connection.  At the end of dinner we all hugged and said our goodbyes and walked to our cars.  As we walked away I looked back and saw them reach for each others hand.  I knew they were going to get married, because I'm just good like that. ;)  Over the last year or so I have become really good friends with Erin and Aaron.  They have the have the biggest hearts, and will forever hold a special place in mine.

Back in November, I started my photography business and in order to build my portfolio, I messaged a few friends on Facebook asking if I could do a few photo sessions to get the ball rolling.  Erin and Aaron were the first ones to say yes, and the first engagement session I ever shot.  I guess they saw something in me because a few months later they asked me to shoot their wedding.  Excited and terrified, I said yes.  That was HUGE for me.  The fact that they believed in me and trusted me to capture their special day meant the world to me.  Thank you SO much Erin and Aaron for letting me capture your special day.  You both crack me up and just being in you presence makes me smile.  You two have a very special connection and I couldn't be happier for the both of you!  Congratulations! :)

IMG_2515 web
Erin started off her day at MAC.  I love MAC....

IMG_2517 web

IMG_2552 web
Huge shout ot to MAC make up artist Anne Evans who did an amazing job!  Isn't she gorgeous??? 
I want her red hair!

IMG_2554 web

IMG_2536 web

IMG_2567 web

IMG_2632-C web
Erin's GORGEOUS wedding dress!
IMG_2634-C web

IMG_2640 web
The shoes!  And I adored Erin's Bridal Suite.  Very it....
IMG_2644-C web
The pearl necklace belonged to her grandmother.  Love that...

IMG_2650 web

IMG_2651-C web

IMG_2721 web are stunning my dear....

IMG_2692-C web

IMG_2662-C web

IMG_2680-C web

IMG_2665 web

IMG_2735 (2) web

IMG_2747-C web
So classic.... :)

IMG_2863-C web
The handsome Aaron....
IMG_2767-C web
They decided to have a First Look.  Yes I know, seeing each other before the ceremony is a non-traditional thing, but I know for a fact how special it is.  My husband and I had a First Look when we got married.  It's a special moment just between just the two of you.  And if you're a big bubbly sap like me and cry your butt off, it gives you that extra time to calm your emotions and take in the moment. 

IMG_2772-C web

IMG_2781-C web

IMG_2791-C web

IMG_2785 web

IMG_2794 web

IMG_2798-C web

IMG_2818-C web

IMG_2830-C web

IMG_2840 web

IMG_2879 web

IMG_2881-C web
Hehe...have you ever seen a more excited groom??? :)
IMG_2952 (2) web
They blocked off a good hour and a half to take photos before their ceremony.  So we drove around downtown Amarillo for a bit.  :)

IMG_2942 web

IMG_2957 (2) web

IMG_3054 web

IMG_3063-C web
Back to the church to get hitched!
IMG_3250 web
While we were out and about, Erin got a mosquito bite...hehe...just put some windex on it.... :)
Her facial expression is priceless!
IMG_3204 (2) web
The Bling Bling!
IMG_3217 web

IMG_3271-C web
So the church where the ceremony was held had VERY strict rules when it came to wedding photography.  I could only take a picture of the bride walking in while remaining in the 6th row...(I like a good challenge)...

IMG_3294-C web
And then to remian in the CENTER balcony for the ceremony...."so I can't go in the left or right balcony???"  NO.....only the center balcony....  I just thought I would ask just to make sure.... ;)

IMG_3295-C web

IMG_3376-C web
Aaron smiled like that the entore it.....

IMG_3384 web
Great shot huh?  I had to remain in the center balcony until they were announced husband and wife.  THEN I strapped on my PF Flyers (because they make you run faster) and ran to the opposite side of the center balcony, super hero speed down 2 flights of stairs, then jetted across to the opposite side of the get THIS shot.  OH YA.....Superman aint got NOTHIN on me.... ;)  And FYI...that PF Flyers bit is from Sandlot.  The best movie ever.....FOOOOOREVVVVVVER....Okay moving on.... :)
IMG_3423 web

IMG_3424 web

IMG_3437-C web
Rollin out in style....that's how you do it....
IMG_3441-C web

IMG_3496 (2) web
Aren't they gorgeous???

IMG_3506-C web

IMG_3473-C web

IMG_3529 web
On to the reception!
IMG_3536-C web

IMG_3552-C web
Both of those cakes were super yummy.....I have that in my must let me eat cake... ;)
IMG_3594-C web
"From this moment"...Shania Twain...

IMG_3610 web

IMG_3622-C web
"He didn't have to be" Brad Paisley....this song makes me cry every time...

IMG_3641 web
"You'll be in my heart" Phil Collins

IMG_3710 web
Time to open up the dance floor!  WOOT! WOOT!

IMG_3876 web

IMG_3915 web

IMG_3737-C web
Remember when you were in 7th grade???  HAHA!...

IMG_3788 web
Dollar dance.... ;)

IMG_3735-C web

IMG_3574-C web
Congratulations you two!  THANK YOU again for letting me be a part of your special day! :)

AND for a slideshow and more photos of Erin and Aaron's wedding

Have a fabulous day! :)
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