July 28, 2010

Caleb is 1!

I recently had the privilege of attending Caleb's first birthday party.  He is such a handsome little guy!  You may remember Caleb from this post when he was 6 months old.  Now he is walking, eating tons of birthday cake, and driving one sweet ride. :)  Here are a few of the little cutie at his birthday party.  Enjoy!

IMG_1196 web
AH-dorable decorations created by Jessica at La Rue Louise Designs

IMG_1203 web
Aren't they cute???

IMG_1205 web
In case you haven't figured it out, it was a train theme.  Jessica did a FABULOUS job!

IMG_1217 copy web
What's up C man?

IMG_1272 copy web
Awww....I love great grandparents...

IMG_1291 copy web
Caleb and his mommy.... :)

IMG_1301 web
FYI...when you invite Uncle Tim and Aunt Kristina to your birthday, you are going to get your very own
Jimi Hendrix t-shirt.  Ooooohhhh yaaaaaa....  ;)

IMG_1349 web
Grandparents ALWAYS give the best gifts....I was very jealous....

IMG_1389 copy web
"ROLL OUT.....ROLL OUT....."

IMG_1391 copy web

IMG_1409 copy web
"Peace out Kristina...."

IMG_1433 copy web
And my personal favorite...Cake time!

IMG_1469 copy web
Look at that determination....so cute....

IMG_1505 copy web
Oh don't worry, I got up close and personal......  you are so welcome.... :)

IMG_1497 web

IMG_1499 copy web
LOL....I love the look on Caleb's face....."Don't mess with my cake....woman....." :)

IMG_1520 copy web
I ♥ this picture.  So precious....and his gorgeous eyelashes!  I have a thang for eyelashes....

Have baby fever yet? :) 

Have a fabulous day!

July 24, 2010

When in doubt, raise your hand...

Yesterday was an AH-MAZING day.  It really was....  I woke up early with wattery eyes, a clogged up nose, majorly (word?) stuffy head, and huge bags under my eyes.  I popped some Mucinex-D, sat down in the living room, and enjoyed a bowl of raisin bran.  Last weekend I had won tickets from a local radio station to see Sara Bareilles in a private studio show.  I never call radio stations to win anything, because I never win.  I don't gamble, play bingo, or buy lottery tickets because I never ever win anything.  So this whole event was totally random.  As I ate my raisin bran with extra raisins, I seriously thought about not going.  I felt like crap....total crap.  But then the little voice in my head started to argue...and would not shut up.  "It's only for an hour or 2....you can come back home and sleep the rest of the day...this is a once in a lifetime thing....you never win anything loser!"  It went somethiing like that...  When my mom and I arrived at the show I was feeling pretty terrible but dang it, I won!  Sara Bareilles came out, cute as ever and sang her little heart out.  She was so down to earth, awesome sense of humor, and such a delight. 

I will give a full play by play in another post, but to my point.  At the end of the show, Courtney from Y98 asked everyone who was going to Celebrate St. Louis to raise their hand.  I was not going.  It's a million degrees outside, it's super crowded, oh and I'm sick as a dog.  Then she said, "Those who have your hands up, keep them up, because you have a chance to win VIP tickets to see Sara Bareilles tonight in concert."  Then the little voice in my head actually raised my hand ever so slowly.  Then Courtney said, if you want free VIP tickets you have to go see (we'll call him Buddy) standing right over there.  Well "Buddy" was standing 10 feet away from me.  SO THEN the little voice made me stand up and walk rather quickly over to "Buddy".  He only had a handful of tickets and started handing them out.  With five tickets left in his hand (oh ya, I counted) he looked at me and asked how many I wanted.  In a polite clogged up raspy voice I said "two please?"  Then Buddy handed me two free VIP tickets.  My mom and I then got to meet Sara Bareilles and have our picture taken with her.  **Insert angels singing sound here**  After a long much needed nap and more meds, my mom and I attended Celebrate St. Louis and watched Sara Bareilles from the 3rd row of VIP seating.  It was amazing....  The whole day was an amazing experience.  I'm so glad I listened to the little voice in my head....and raised my hand. :)

IMG_1666 web2

July 22, 2010


Well my cold is in full effect and my left nostril is closed for business.  Did you know that there are 250 tissues in a box of kleenex?  It says so on the box....  The only thing that could possibly make me feel better right now is a little bit of puppy love.  I recently got to roll around in the grass and chase adorable 6 week old puppies.  I didn't really need to chase them, they just scoot around and make the cutest little noises ever.  Of course I wanted to take them all home, but look forward to puppy sitting for our friends Megan and Chris who will be getting a litle boy named Benelli.  I'm going to me an Aunt!  :)

He's so shweepy...awww... :)


There are five boys and one girl.  Of course I got attached to the little girl.  She was the one who whimpered the most, tugged on my little heart strings.  They just scoot around like little seals...cutest thing ever... 

One proud momma!  Such a sweetie...

I ♥ puppies....  I just want them all!

Hope you enjoyed some puppy love.  Stay tuned for Caleb's 1st Birthday!

July 21, 2010

The small things....

Today I have been fighting a cold.  It may even be a sinus infection, but I'm thinking it's a cold.  I don't know what it is, but being sick in the summer always seems worse for some reason.  I guess during the actual "flu season" we expect to get sick and deal with it, but when it comes to summer and being sick...not so much.  Between Benadryl, Mucinex D (my hero), and my awesome kleenex sculpture I am building on my coffee table....all I wanted to do when I got home from work was sleep.  After a good 2 hour nap I woke up to an orange glow in my dining room.  The sun was setting, my favorite part of the day.  I rolled off the couch, picked up my camera, and walked barefoot through the wet grass in my backyard trying to find the sun....  I didn't find the sun, just some awesome plush clouds and some gorgeous glowy orange light.  It's the small things in life.  :)


July 18, 2010


Okay, I have to start off by saying that this post is WAAAAAAAAY overdue and I apologize!  I have known Sean since I was maybe 7 years old?  Something like that...  Last year Sean was ordained as a Deacon and my mom and I had the privilege of witnessing this amazing and awesome event.  Well my mom and I recently got to witness another amazing and awesome event, Sean being ordained as a Priest.  I said it last year and I'll say it again, this is what Sean is meant to do.  When you look at Sean, you can't help but notice this awesome presence about him.  As Sean walked down the aisle of the church, he looked so calm and SO in his element.  It was a very moving experience, and yes my mom and I even cried a bit...  It was a very special day and I'm so happy for Sean and his family.  Congratulations Sean! :)

This is an old picture!  Sean is on the far right, I am on the far left.  Check out those awesome plaques!  Sean and I bowled together in a youth bowling league, our team was the bomb diggity.  What, you didn't bowl when you were younger????  All the cool kids did... :)  Thanks mom for putting me in a see through white bowling shirt, appreciate that.  Hey Sean, RISK IT ALL! Hehe...

I love this church....it's gorgeous.  And stained glass windows...LOVE...I want one, maybe 2...

As soon as everyone walked down the aisle and everyone sat down, the sun peaked through one of the windows....it was gorgeous.

Sean has the best sideburns ever!

We were sitting in the way back and it was packed solid.  So of course I walked my happy self to the front to get this shot.  Fearless... :)

Father Palas

I'm obsessed with this church...hehe... :)

Congrats again Sean!  Thanks for letting us witness your special day!

July 11, 2010

Caleb's 1st Birthday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  It was a busy one for me and I got to attend Caleb's 1st Birthday!  Talk about adorable!  You may remember Caleb from his 6 month portrait session we had back in January.  He is now walking and shoving his face full of cake, my kind of kid.  Just wanted to post a quick sneak peek from today, stay tuned. :)  Happy Birthday C-man!

July 2, 2010

Photo Tribute....to my shoes.... :)

So I have a list of blogs I follow and read daily (weekly on my day off but try to keep up the best I can), a rather long list. Well on Monday I was reading Mere's blog Idle Banter.  Mere is super cute and shares her awesome fashion finds on her blog, as well as her travels and recipes...just one awesome blog.  Well on Monday as I was catching up on her most recent posts, I read about her recent trip to Europe (YAY!) and the fashion trends she noticed while on her vacation.  I was SUPER excited because DH and I are going to Europe in September, so I especially read every word and "examined" every picture.  She shared the latest trends in short floral skirts, colored keds, the braid, and sandals.  But not just any sandals, super cute chunky blingy sandals.  **Insert angels singing in heaven sound here**  It was honestly love at first site.  I'm serious.  There were angels singing people!  I have a "thing" for shoes....  I know some people may think these are a bit "much"...but I like much.  I like "much" a lot.  Then in one of her next blog posts she ordered the pair of shoes, and got them the very next day.  SAY WHAT?  So after running over to endless.com and "viewing" them for a good 10 minutes (trying to decide on what color) I added them to my cart and clicked order complete!  Woot Woot!  They were waiting for me on my front porch when I got home from work on Tuesday.  I LURRRRRRRVE them!  I have huge feet (size 9.5...sometimes 10) so I was ecstatic that they fit, especially the beading around my ankles.  They are super comfy and I can't wait to wear them around Europe (as well as my knee high italian leather boots....I WILL find in Europe). :)  Of course I wanted to share them with you, so I held a personal photoshoot for my new chunky gorgeous sandals.  Thanks Mere! :)

Chunky beaded studded heaven....

Hello gorgeous....

Little surprise on the back...  And I love the zipper....I like zippers. :)

LOVE...... :)

Have a fabulous Friday!  We are headed to Lexington Kentucky to visit our friends Erin and Aaron whose wedding I will be shooting in August!  :)  Can't wait!  Hope you all have a great 4th of July!
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