October 11, 2010

Oh Kauai....I miss you....

This morning I woke up to one of my favorite smells....coffee.  I stumbled out of bed and wandered down the hallway...Gracie skipping beside me trying to trip me...and made my way into the kitchen.  My husband had left me a little index card on the stove with a note...."Went to go get firewood, but look what I found at the store this morning!" and then drew a little arrow pointing towards the coffee maker.  My husband always wakes up before me and leaves me little notes on index cards when he has to run errands.  He's smart, waking me up is not a good thing. :)  But guess what?!?!?!?!  THERE WAS A PACKAGE OF KAUAI COFFEE ON THE COUNTER!  OMG!!!!  Today, one year ago, my husband and I left for our honeymoon in which we spent one week in Kauai, Hawaii.  Heaven....  And while we were there we enjoyed many many cups of amazing Kauai coffee.  It was so good we brought back several bags, but we eventually ran out.  You can order it from their coffee factory website, but you have to buy it in bulk, and that is kind of expensive.

So how ironic is it that a year ago today we left for Kauai....and today Tim found Kauai coffee at the store?

And do you see the picture on the front of the package???  The picture of a field in the mountains???  I took a picture of that exact field on our honeymoon on one of our many day trips around the island.... :)

Love it.... :)

Have a fabulous Monday! :)


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