July 31, 2012

Gena & Joe MARRIED - Schlalfly Tap Room, St. Louis MO Wedding Photographer

Kristina Cipolla Photography | St. Louis Missouri Wedding Photographer Hi there!  So I have not posted in a while.....shame on me.  This summer has been crazy busy thanks to all of my awesome clients.  So time to show off what I have been up to....

Going to start things off with Gena and Joe.  I was not lucky enough to get this couple originally, but when a fellow photographer needed someone to step in and help due to a family emergency....I did.  I know photography is very "competitive" but we as photographers can't photograph every single couple......we have to share and learn how to play well with others.  So when it comes down to helping others, I will.  :)

I first spoke with Gena through email 2 days before her special day.  I'm sure she was a bit panicked, but I did everything I could to try and calm her nerves and let her know that I would take care of everything....photography wise. :)  I showed up downtown meeting them in their hotel room for the first time....kind of like a blind date...but not.  I helped Gena get ready, admiring her taste in antique jewelry....and secretly wanting to steal her vintage broach bouquet.  We rode around downtown together in a HUGE limo....sipping on water, listening to rap music, and making fun of the limo driver.  Walked around downtown while being stalked by homeless people....and showing up to one of my favorite restaurants/venues for one fabulous reception.  At the end of the day, Gena and Joe are a gorgeous couple...and cool as hell. :)  Gena is a dog lover, a great dancer, and enjoys margaritas.....I heart her.  :)  In the end, I'm so glad I got to work with them and really enjoyed spending the day with them and their family.  Thank you :)

So enough with the smiley faces.....here are a few from their special day!  Enjoy!

Wedding Details:

Wedding Dress -  David's Bridal

Headpiece -  Untamed Petals

Hair (Katie) and Make-up (Kori) -  Color Xperts

Guestbook - Java Jane Designs

Wedding Cake - McArthur's Bakery

Reception Venue - Schlafly Tap Room

Inspiration as told by Gena:  

I'd say my main inspiration would be shabby chic. I love the look of the barn style wedding but wanted something cosmoplitian so I love that we could make the Schlafly Tap Room our own with the peonies, hydrangeas & roses in the mason jars. Also, I wanted to be thrify so instead of using antique mason jars 
I bought a case of clear ones from WalMart and painted them with glass paint.

Most memorable moment:

When everyone was showing up and we greeted them. All of the planning was finally coming into place and having all of the people in the world that you love including my new husband was the best feeling ever! Oooooh and I love dancing the night away!!!!

Have a fabulous day! :)

July 2, 2012

Andy & Megan ENGAGED : Red Bud IL Wedding Photographer

Kristina Cipolla Photography | St. Louis Missouri Wedding Photographer Hi there!  News flash....it's hot outside.  So here's a new post featuring an adorable couple named Andy and Megan and their AH-dorable dog Dwight.....you can enjoy in the air conditioning!  :)

Everyone wish Megan a Happy Birthday.... ;)

Can't wait for their beautiful winery wedding!

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