October 30, 2010

Browning Family Session- SNEAK PEEK

Today I had a famly session with one of the coolest families ever, the Browning family.  Their house was full of the coolest paint colors I've ever see, lots of books and art, adorable furry animals with very cool names, oh and their son Elliot.....such an AH-dorable happy little guy!  I just wanted to give a little sneak peek and share a few.  Enjoy! :)

I told you Elliot was AH-dorable!  And those eyes???  Stop it.... ;)

Elliot is VERY advanced for his age....hehe...

I heart this one.... :)

And there is WAY more to come!

Stay Tuned! :)

October 29, 2010

Feel Good Friday- Happy Halloween

Since it is "Feel Good Friday" and this weekend is Halloween, I thought I would share these pics with you.  Growing up I always had a fascination with witches.  I loved Glinda the good witch and the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz.  As well as every single witch or "evil" bad character in every Disney movie.  I don't know why....I just did.  So as I was looking back at my halloween pictures in my family photo album, it made sense I dressed up as a witch....a lot.  These were my top favorites.

My first Halloween.....you guessed it, I was a witch. :)

Lol.....Okay this was my Cleopatra Halloween costume from the year before, and for some reason I wanted to have pink hair (I think this is when I was obsessed with Jem) and then threw in my Glinda the good witch wand.  Needless to say, I was my own creation that year. :) 
Thanks mom for making me wear a sweater underneath.

And finally, the wicked witch of the west.  Like my reflector belt?  Thanks to my dad for making me wear his flight line reflector belt, so I didn't get ran over of course.  Safety first! :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Halloween! :)

October 28, 2010

Belleville Family Photographer - Courtney and Jim

I recently met up with Courtney and Jim for a family/couples in love session.  Couples in love...you like that?  Courtney is a friend of mine and we even have special nicknames for each other.  I won't tell you what they are....because they are a tad inappropriate.  Lets just say the situation involved a blizzard, a bar, a guy with a car and a heater, and asking for a ride to our car.  Then the guy's girlfriend getting jealous and calling us a name....which turned into one hilarious memorable night and a nickname that has stuck ever since.  Good times!  Hehe... :)  Here are a few from their session.  Enjoy!

We started off with a few family pics. 

Then Jim's son Aaron grabbed the rake and built one big pile of leaves...
You know where that was going.

And of course we had to get one with their fur babies.... :)

SO jealous of people who have their own road....

Awww don't you just want to give him a hug and a big kiss??? :)

And then we did a few of just Courtney and Jim.  They are in love.....it's cute. :)


Uh....just so stinkin cute.....

See the look on Jim's face???  That's called "THE LOOK"....oh ya....the look is hilarious...

And then Jim broke out his motorcycle.....but not just ANY motorcycle......

A Harley!  SQUUUUUUUEEEEE!  (That means I'm excited)

Isn't Courtney gorgeous????  Jim isn't too bad either.... :)
They're like Motorcycle Ken and Barbie.... 

Grease Lightning.....Go Grease Lightning.... :)

Cute huh?

Love it...

And finally we had to get some action shots...

Favorite shot of the day! :)

Thank you all for one awesome session! 

Have a fabulous day!

October 27, 2010

St. Louis Portrait Photographer - Anni

You may remember Amber's lifestyle session, well now it is Anni's turn.  Anni is absolutely gorgeous, has a million dollar smile, and cracks me up.  I call her catwoman....hehe.  We met downtown and had ourselves one awesome shoot.  Graffiti, railroad security, and "helpful" intoxicated homeless people....oh my. :)  Here are a few from Anni's lifestyle session.  Enjoy!

Catwoman.... :)

Then the Railroad Security paid us a little visit (because there were trains up above).  He gave me the finger....no not that finger.  The "come over here you're in trouble finger"...I hate that finger.  But he ended up being a really nice guy and just gave me a gentle verbal warning, told me to be careful, and then told me about a few other "cool" places to shoot in the area.  I appreciated that.  :)

And just an FYI....I never put my clients in danger.  I may be hanging out windows and running through snake pits, but it's always safety first for my clients. But if clients are willing to hang out windows and stand in snake pits....then so be it. ;)


Love that door...And the fact that Anni's shirt said "Green Is The New Black"....very cool.... :)

UH...can't take it....LOVE this one.... :)

And then a final outfit change...very Gwen Stefani/Harajuku girl.... :)

Anni you just make my job SO easy!  You are AH-mazing! 
Have a fabulous day!

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