October 12, 2010

My favorite Sunday...♥

So as many of you know, Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.  My husband and I spent our anniversary making breakfast together, lounging at the park, and a nice romantic dinner.....but I also held a little photo session with my keepsake box and my wedding dress. I decided to photograph my wedding keepsake box and a few other things to remember.  This blog is also a little journal for me, so that when I have a crappy day...I can look back at this post and remember that day and how happy I was.  For when I have kids and they say how strict I am and that I'm no fun and totally not cool....they can sit down and look at my blog and hopefully I can salvage some of my "coolness"...  And for when I'm 80 years old, I can look back on my blog and remember when I spun around in my wedding dress in my backyard on our one year wedding anniversary.... and smile.  :)

My keepsake box...

I had my garter made by The Garter Lady on Esty.  She did an amazing job.

My great grandmother's Cameo which I pinned on my bouquet.

My pearl clutch and my great grandmother's bumblebee pin....which I also pinned on my bouquet.  It's supposed to bring you good luck. :)

My J.CREW pearl bracelet...that I wish I could wear everyday but it's so heavy.
My veil....I did not want to wear a veil on my wedding day, but in the end I'm glad I wore one during the ceremony.   Thanks mom... :)

My custom made feather hair pin by Brendas Bridal Veils on Etsy.  Brenda does GORGEOUS work and makes gorgeous hair pins and blusher veils.  She was able to do exactly what I wanted and was super sweet.  Loved it... :)

My rings...from Shane Co.

My mom dried my bouquet which I keep in our china cabinet.  It was made of freedom, black magic, and black baccara roses.  I have an obsession with red roses, especially deep dark red roses.

My pearl drop earrings...also from Shane Co.

And our Tiffany & Co. toasting flutes.  Thanks mom and dad :)

Red lipstick by MAC called Dare You

My favorite perfume....Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Now, I am a shoe girl...I LOVE shoes.  And I really wanted the perfect pair of high heels.  Then after finding the perfect pair of high heels and bringing them with me to my dress fitting....it turned out that my dress was too short for the 4 inch heels I had picked out.  SO instead of rush ordering a new dress in long and then hemming the bottom (which was lace and would have messed up the pattern) I decided to go with these sparkly flats from Nine West which I found at DSW.  Super comfy with a little pizzazz :)

And since my mom wouldn't let me wear a red wedding dress (hehe...I wasn't 100% serious mom...)
I dyed my crinoline red..... :)  Which has now faded to pinkish red.
Tim and I spent the afternoon at Forest Park and watched other couples celebrate their wedding day and take wedding pictures.  We also watched the cutest couple say I Do.  It was just the 2 of them, 2 of their friends as their witnesses (one with a little snapshot camera), and a minister.  They kissed for a good 5 minutes, and the people sitting around the lake including my husband and I cheered.  :)  AND as we were sitting at the bar at Charlie Gitto's waiting for our table, we saw the same couple with their 2 friends leave the restaurant.  We were like OMG! :)

Then before dinner, I put on my wedding dress (Tim helped the best he could) and spun around in my backyard....  I just wanted to wear it for a bit...because I love it so much.  I know my neighbors think I'm on crack, but I really don't care.  I think all girls should wear their wedding dress more than once....
or everyday... ;)

I have yet to make our wedding album, but my awesome friend and bridesmaid Megan made us a GORGEOUS and AMAZING scrapbook of our wedding pictures which I ADORE!  I LOVE our wedding scrapbook album so much...and Megan of course... :)  Thank you so much Megan! :)

And here are a few pics from our wedding day.

Have a fabulous day!


Chris Jones said...

My name is Chris, and I do social media for Shane Co. and I just wanted to say beautiful pictures! Granted, I am a little biased on the pictures of the rings/earrings, but overall quite lovely! Congrats on a year of being married!

Ashley Sisk said...

YAY! Happy Anniversary. Me and Jeremy celebrate on Sunday. I can't wait to take that walk down memory lane. You should make your album already! I did one for my parents through Blurb...soooo easy. Of course Miss Photographer, you could easily do something even better!

Nicole said...

I adore the pictures of you in your wedding dress in your backyard! So cute! (I can't wear my dress this year thanks to being knocked up, but you have inspired me to wear it next year.)

Happy, Happy Anniversary friend! I hope it was amazing!

Meg said...

no pictures of the scrapbook? sheesh... just kidding! :) you are very welcome... sorry it took 10 months :)

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Tamara said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! I really love all these photos and the fact that you were brave enough to put on your gorgeous dress and have a little fun with it, how awesome!


Chris- Thank you! I'm glad you liked my pics, especially the ring and earrings. :) Those are my fav...

Ashley- Thank you, hope you two have a great weekend/anniversary.

Nicole- Thanks friend :) Oh I think gorgeous pregnant women in wedding dresses are HOTT! SO excited for you!

Meg- I need to devote an entire post to your FABULOUS scrapbook....I love it! Thank you :)

Tamara- Thank you :)

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