May 31, 2012

Sarah and Chad MARRIED - Edwardsville IL Wedding Photographer

I told party! :)

Sarah and Chad are SOOOO adorable.  I ended up covering their wedding for one amazing and very pregnant photographer (thanks Michelle and congrats on your handsome little man).  Sarah and I are actually in the same Grad School program and knew each other, talk about small world.  So it ended up working out just fine :)

Their wedding was supposed to take place outdoors at a winery, but mother nature had other plans.  Most people around here still remember that day thanks to the severe damaging hail which occurred and did MAJOR damage. Well in between the hail, tornado sirens, flooding, and crazy lightening.....Sarah and Chad joined their closest family and friends and got married.  I know I've said this before, but they are such a genuine couple.  And I'm so lucky to have shared their special day with them.  Thank you :)


Details :

Dress - Demtrios from Brides by Demetrios

Hair/ Makeup- The Garden Salon (O'Fallon, IL)

Florist - Elisa Wilkinson (Hand Creations by Elisa, Granite City, IL)

Wedding inspiration as told by Sarah: 

I have always loved yellow and purple together, I wanted an

elegant/romantic/ fun themed wedding. 

Most memorable part:  Hmmmm, let me think......the HAIL for sure =)

Thanks again you two! :)

Erin and Scott ENGAGED - Belleville IL Wedding Photographer

Erin and Scott are getting married in October on a Friday.....which I love.  We recently met in Belleville on a hot windy day for their engagement session.  They brought along their AH-dorable dog Masie and a scooter, omg was I excited!  Here are a few from their engagement session, enjoy!

Scott is a tall volleyball smack you in the face tall....which is why I LOVE to shoot in alleys because there is always a random crate or center block to stand my high heeled boots :)  
Mad balancing skills people....  Thanks Scott for helping me move that center block back.

Scooter + lime green garage = LOVE
I'm tellin ya.....photographing in alleys is the bomb diggity....

See you both in October! :)

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