February 23, 2012

Harper Rae - Belleville Illinois Family Photographer

Oh baby fever..... :)  I have been photographing so many teeny cute squishy gorgeous babies in the past couple weeks....I love it.  I know I have said this during my sessions, but photographing babies is very therapeutic for me.  Yes it is hard work and yes they can cry and yes thay can sometimes projectile vomit and leave little messes for you, but dang it.....it's cute and I love it.  I'm obsessed with their teeny tiny hands and fingernails, the noises they make when they sleep, how they look at me so intensely when my camera clicks, and the look on their parents faces when they hold them.  Melt....absolutely love being able to capture these little moments.  :)

Here are a few pics of the gorgeous Harper Rae.  Some of you may remember her parents from their maternity session.  Miss Harper Rae is here and she's already showing off her keen fashion sense. :)  Enjoy!

Ya I totally want that tutu.... :)

February 9, 2012

Ace - St. Louis Family Photographer

Well hello there....it's been way too long since my last blog post.....way too long.  So time to jump back on the bloggity train! :)  Wedding season is right around the corner and I cannot express how EXCITED I am about my 2012 couples!  Also, many many people are preggo meaning there will also be a lot of baby fever goodness on the blog this year.  Love me some adorable chubby squishy babies ;)  So with this being the first blog of the year (ya I know it's February)....I thought I would show off the AH-dorable and handsome Ace.

Ace just celebrated his first Birthday this week....  I photographed his Mom's maternity pics, and then Ace's newborn pics, so of course it was an honor to be asked again :)  Ace aka "Ace of Base" is SUCH a little ham and it's so great to be able to see my babies grow up! :)  Enjoy!

Ace and his signature hand move... :)

Love it...

It was freezing outside = TROOPERS!

Happy Birthday Ace! ♥

Thanks again for letting me photograph your beautiful family! ♥

Stay tuned for some newborn goodness.... :)
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