October 22, 2010

Feel Good Friday- Amsterdam

So as most of you know, DH (dearest husband) and I just took a trip to Europe.  We were originally wanting to go in October for our 1 year anniversary, but thanks to some vacation limitations that month we decided to go in September instead.  If you're planning a trip to Europe, September is a FABULOUS time to go!  It not crowded at all, and the weather if perfect!  Mid to upper 60's the entire time, and it only rained (like cats and large dogs) the first day of our trip. 

We started our Euro Vacay in Amsterdam.  Here are some pics! :)  And yes if you are on FB you have already seen these....but for those of you who are not (Nicole), here you go! :)

Our (my) literature for the trip.  Frommer's books are VERY helpful and come equipped with daily itineraries, shopping and food recommendations (my favorite), maps, and a dictionary.  We didn't know any (none, zero, zilch) Dutch.  Still don't.
We stayed at the Eden Hotel Amsterdam which was in a great location.  We arrived at our hotel at 8:30am and our check in time was not until 3:00pm.  I was not a happy camper.  Exhausted and soaked, we sat (napped) in the hotel lobby/restaurant for 3 hours until they had a room available.  The rest of the day we slept thanks to major jet lag and then I sent Tim out into the streets of Amsterdam to find food.  He's so brave...  But the next day we started bright and early.

This is for you Nicole.... :)

Breakfast....SO good! 
And in Europe (at the least the places we went) they all serve salad with breakfast...love that...

I had 3 "MUST DO" things in Amsterdam on my list.....and going to the Amsterdam Flower Market was on the top of that list.

Heaven....  And the market made me miss my mom...a lot.
I WILL take her there one day, as well as the Keukengof Gardens
Tulips are her fav... :)

And their prices are AH-mazing! 

And the vendors are SUPER nice and very helpful...
"Let me take your picture!"...Okay! :)

Only in Amsterdam...

I was VERY excited about the black tulips....and yes we bought tons of bulbs to bring back...

Hey there :)

Amsterdam also has an amazing art district with lots of art galleries and antique shops..."Squeeee!" :)

Also on my top 3 list was the Van Gogh Museum
I am a little obsessed with Van Gogh....which is why I have a huge 5 pound Van Gogh Art book on my coffee table in my living room.  The museum was VERY informative and had an amazing display of over 200 paintings and drawing by Van Gogh.  I was like a kid in a candy store....

Bikes are the way to go in Amsterdam.  Everybody rides them including girls in skirts and in pouring rain,  they just hold umbrellas and ride.  Bikes also have the right of way....and if you do not get out of their way quick enough or you decide to walk down the middle of the street and take pictures (like me in my own little world) they will ring their bell at you (several times) and motion their hand at you...kind of like an f u you idiot get on the sidewalk.
Hehe....good times... :)

We originally wanted to eat lunch in a near by restaurant, but after waiting over 30 minutes for the server to give us our drinks and take our order....we left, grabbed a "hot dog" and sat outside and enjoyed some live entertainment.  Just an FYI...a "hot dog" in Amsterdam does not taste anything like an American hot dog (of course it doesn't).  I was expecting a baseball game kind of hot dog....nope...but the music was good. :)

We could smell this chocolate shop from a mile away....holy goodness...

And gelato.....should be it's own food group.  

Anne Frank House- Final must do on my top 3 list
Having read The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank twice and watching the movie (10 times), the Anne Frank House and Museum was at the top of my list.  The tour was very moving (I cried twice) and such an eye opener.  You actually get to climb several flights of steep tiny stairs (almost like a ladder) and see first hand where they "lived" for 2 years.  Anne Frank's Diary is actually a collection of several diaries which they have on display as well as all of the furniture and dishes they used.  They even had the magazine clippings and pictures Anne had collected of her favorite actresses.  She had pinned them up on her bedroom wall (just like any other teenager) and her dad had asked for those to remain on the wall.  That really stood out to me. 

Hope that last part didn't ruin your feel good Friday.... it's supposed to be a happy post....
Hope you have a great Friday and a FABULOUS weekend! :)


Nicole said...

OMG! Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to travel so badly and of course I love the pregnant lingerie!

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