October 19, 2011


Hi there!  Tim and I just got back from a week vacation in Nassau Bahamas.  We were there celebrating our 2 year anniversary.  Can't believe it's already been 2 years!  But of course I took lots of pics and wanted to share.  Nassau is a beautiful island.  The Bahamian people are super friendly and have no problem singing out loud, which I love.  It was so nice to be able to sit on the beach and listen to Bob Marley all day long and watch the cruise ships sail by and the seagulls scatter along the beach.  Downtown Nassau reminded me a lot of New Orleans, which I also loved.  Fabulous vacation indeed! :)

Oh and on a side note..... GO CARDS! So proud of my team! They are going to stomp those Rangers! :)

Have a great week!
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