October 21, 2010

St. Louis Modern Portrait Photographer - Amber

This past Sunday I met up with Anni and Amber for one awesome lifestyle session.  Both of these girls are free spirits, drop dead gorgeous, and fun as hell.  So I knew this session was going to be lots of fun.  We had talked about a grungy, edgy kind of feel for this session....and they were game.  They both rocked their shoot and had SO many awesome pics, so I decided to divide them into 2 posts.  First up is Amber.  Amber is from New Jersey and has an edge to her.  She reminds me of a 70's rocker chick straight out of The Runaways...but with a twist.  Here are a few pics of Amber.  Enjoy!

I've shot at this location before, it's one of my favorite spots.  And it's not on a map, even better. 
When we pulled up, Amber and Anni got SO excited.....it made me happy.

Amber in her Stella McCartney shades....love it.

Leather and lace? ♥

Then a quick wardrobe change....and Amber pulled out her red high heels. 
We all know how I feel about red high heels....yup...I was excited. :)

Amber is a total natural....made my job easy...

She's kind of a cross between Britney Murphy and Cindy Crawford.....right?

Ummmm..... HELLO GORGEOUS!!!

Love that texture....reminded me of bullets?  Ya...I'm strange....

Such a badass....

This building was vacant....as were all of the other buildings in this area.....but this was an old loading dock of some sort.  I was in love with the peeling green paint....  And of course Amber was totally game for climbing up there in her awesome red high heels. :)

I absolutely LOOOOVE this one!  I want to blow this one up on a huge wrapped canvas and hang it in my house.....absolutely gorgeous my dear!

This one too....it reminds me of a Calvin Klein Ad.... :)

One last outfit change....  Amber was trying to decide on what hat to wear.  At first she had a black "Boyz in the hood" like ski hat on.  She asked me what I thought and I was like ehhhhhh....nah..... 
And then she got all excited and yelled
"I"LL WEAR THIS ONE!!!"  and pulled out this Fargo looking ski hat.  I laughed so hard....I think it may be her favorite hat.  Free spirit indeed..... ♥

Now how HOTT is that hat?!?!?!?!  

And how HOTT is Amber in that hat?!?!?!  Great idea Amber.... :)

You go Amber..... :)

Thank you SOOO much for an AH-mazing shoot!  You did an AWESOME job Amber!
I think you should def. get a look book together and go on some casting calls.  I'm just saying....
Future model in the works people. :)

Stay tuned for the GORGEOUS Anni!

Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Well done, I love these photos. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Megan said...

These are fantastic! Every last one - just gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Incredible images!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots!

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