December 13, 2010

Winter Sessions...You can do it!

Yes it's cold outside (really cold outside) but if you have a cute warm coat and a significant other to cuddle up with, don't cancel out the idea of a photo session.  And even if you don't have a significant other, I'll cuddle with you in between shots.  I'll even run around the block with you and buy you hot tea to warm you up...good times :)   And 99% of the time most restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, antique shops and loft buildings are very cool about letting people shoot at their location, so your entire session will not be outside.  I'll find a roof and a heater so you can defrost. :)  The following sessions were held last winter.  Yes it was cold, but if you are a trooper and can stand the cold for just a bit, you will have a great time and get some adorable and amazing pictures/memories.  I promise. :)

It was cold AND rainy....trooper!

Are you convinced????

Also check out James and Katie's session as well as Amy's session and Sara's session
You can do it! :)

Have a fabulous day!


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