December 8, 2010

Secret Santa....

So yesterday I came home from work to find a little package waiting for me by my front door.  As soon as I saw it was from Lori in California I sqeeeeed!  Very excited!  Some of you ladies (especially if you are engaged or married) may be familiar with the website The Nest or The Knot.  The "ten o niners" are a FABULOUS group of ladies/brides who I now consider very good friends.  Through the process of planning my wedding, I turned to this group to share ideas and to get honest feedback, vent about frustrations and wanting to elope, and I knew I could always count on them for a good laugh.  You ladies are a VERY special group of women and I am very thankful to be a part of the ten o niners.  Basically you all kick ass.....and you know it. ;)  But we decided to do a secret santa ornament exchange this year which I was very excited about.  Here are a few pics of my ornamnet(s) from my awesome secret santa Lori. Enjoy!

Unlike myself, Lori neatly packed and decorated my gift....It was so puuuurty I didn't want to open it. :)
Whoever is getting my ornament, you know what is coming....ghetto bubble wrap envelope that is all wrinkled from me "wrapping" your ornament (I shoved it in there) and covered in tape....
you've been warned...

Cutest Christmas card ever!  Her dog Karma is such a cutie!

"From one naughty knottie to another"....that cracked me up.... ;)

TAH DAH!  My ornament!  Isn't it GORGEOUS????  It was hand painted from the inside!  They take a small brush through the hole in the top of the ornament and paint the image on the inside...How cool is that?!?!?!?  AND of course Lori had to represent.  And I am SO glad she did because I LOVE San Fran and have a little obsession with row houses....perfect! 

LOVE it...

And guess what?  Lori decided to spoil me and give me 2 ornaments... :)

"FRAAAA GEEEELAAAAAY!...It must be Italian!"...A Christmas Story....anyone?

I liked the wine glass.... :)

TAH DAH!  A camera!  CUUUUUUTE! :)

Quickly found homes for my lovely ornaments! :)

SO MUCH Detail!  Gorgeous.... :)

Thank you SOOOOO much Lori!  You are the bomb diggity! ;)  I will probably keep these out on display way past Christmas time....just in case you were wondering.... :)


Reine du Monde said...

Really pretty!

PS- Your "ghetto" package has arrived and pictures are coming soon!



LMAO....awesome... :)

Phyl said...

How beautiful! And the camera is so you :)

Michelle said...


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