December 7, 2010

Belleville Family Photographer - McLean Family

Hi there!  I'm back!  First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  If you tried any of the recipes I posted I would love to hear how they turned out!  Even if you absolutely hated them....let me know. :)  But my surgery went well and after 2 weeks of resting, I am so ready to get back into the mix.  Which means getting caught up on my blog which includes 2 family sessions, a lifestyle session, and a maternity session.  WOOT!  Thanks to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, and kind words.  I really appreciate it. :) 

Okay, so to start things back up, here are a few from the McLean Family session.  I adore this family.  Madison is such a cutie and looks at me like I'm absolutely crazy....which cracks me up.  She's adorable.  Here are a few from their family session, enjoy! :)

See....I told you she was adorable... :)

Oh and their session was on a know I was excited....

One of my all time favorites right here!

Madi is SO precious...

I secretly wanted to ride around in the wheelbarrow (by the way I did not know how to spell this until now).  The closest I get to this is asking Tim to push me around in the cart at Walmart...jealous...

Such a cute couple. :)

The handsome Luke :)

And the gorgeous punkin puss...  I said that right, right?

After a long those ponytails...

And one gorgeous sunset to wrap up a wonderful family session!  Love it!

Thanks so much McLean Family! :)


Nicole said...

Absolutely gorgeous photographs... you get better every time!! I am so glad your surgery went well. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you're getting back into the swing of things! I love the shot of the little girl at the water pump and the color close up of her--such great color. :o)


Thanks so much ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! The little girl is a cutie and so is the kitty (he looks like my Tiger kitty)

Christi Whitworth

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