December 29, 2010

Snow Boots....

Wanna see what Santa brought me?  Of course you do! :)  I never wear socks and when it snows I just put on my faux Uggs and march around.  Even though they are "boots", my faux Uggs are like a death trap....the worst when it comes to traction and even walking down a hallway I'm sliding all over the place.  So this year I asked Santa for some snow boots.  Cute ones that are warm and have some traction.  He listened... :)

Check out my Tivolis.... woot woot!

The Sorel website said they are "sure to up your street cred"...well duh.... :)

They originally came with hot pink laces but I am not a hot pink kind of I was excited to find an additional pair of black laces in the box.....awesomeness. 

Thanks Santa for my boots....and for my new street cred.... :)

Have a fabulous day!


Michelle said...

Great shots! :o)


Thanks Michelle :)

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