December 22, 2009

St. Louis Wedding/Engagement Photographer - Tamika and Ron

On Sunday I met up with Tamika and Ron for an "E-shoot" session.  Yes Tamika and Ron are already married and have 3 gorgeous kids, but they just wanted to have a little shoot of their own.  I am a strong believer in couples taking some time out for themselves and capturing the love they have for each other.  That's why I call my couple sessions, "couples in love".  Yes it was very cold outside, but Tamika and Ron are total rockstars!  And I've yet to have a couple complain about having to cuddle too much to keep warm....  It was so cold I even cuddled with my "assistant" Megan in between shots.  My friends love me...  We strolled around my most favorite neighborhood in St. Louis, Lafayette Square.  I LOVE Lafayette Square, it's like a mini Paris.  And it started snowing right as we got done!!!  Snow in Paris is very romantic..... :)  Here are a few pics from their "couples in love" session.  Enjoy!

Oh was cold outside....

I heart abandoned brick buildings....

Check out her red high heels......oh how I heart red high heels!

They are so adorable...

Strike a pose!

"FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY!"....I'm funny..... oh yes I am.... :)

Red doors!....excuse me while I go paint my front door red....

Isn't the Ivy gorgeous???

"Kristina it keeps hitting me in the face...."  "Ya....but it looks cool! " :)

Work it...wooooork it.... :)

I LOVE this set of red wall

My favorite of the whole shoot!  They look like models.... :)

Ralph Lauren models....

Then we headed over to Lafayette Park...

Hey go walk over there.....while I take pics and not tell you.... :)

Funny...funny...funny....oh yes I am.... :)

I love this hidden path.....

Just look at those homeless people picking up trash over there..... :)

This one reminds me of an "old school" back in the day chillin in the park after school... :)

THANKS GUYS!  I had a great time! :)


Meg said...

Hey I'm still waiting for you to paint your front door red for real!!

Great job again, my dear :)

Kristina Cipolla said...

Maybe that should be my birthday present?!?!?!?!? And thank you... :)

Michelle said...

This shoot is great... you are make huge steps with each shoot. Way to go!!

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