December 2, 2009

"Severe Sinus Infection"....

So from the title of this may have figured it out that I am sick. My throat started hurting on Thanksgiving. Which then led to body aches, my throat and nose stinging, blowing my nose like crazy, and to top it off...Tim telling me that I was "snoring REALLY loud last night"....fabulous. So the past few days I have been pumping myself full of sore throat and severe cold medicine. Finally I woke up at 2:30 am this morning and cold not go back to sleep because my throat hurt so bad. I have flashbacks when my throat hurts....because I grew up experiencing constant ear infections and having strep throat. Finally after having mono, my tonsils were removed when I was 18. SO whenever my throat hurts (happened maybe 3 times since then) I crumble and whine and feel like it's the end of the world......drama queen I know.

I went to the doctor this morning by myself....I was kind of bummed because Tim is on a 4 day trip and my mom is temporarily walking on a cane (but it's a really cool black and green cane that I helped pick out at Walgreens) so I had to go by myself. I know I'm a huge baby... While I was sitting on the squeaky exam table and waiting for the doctor to come in and fix me....I started looking around the green tinted room searching for something interesting to look at. There wasn't much there, just the typical picture of a male or female body which names every bone etc. I used to work in a clinic so I was not entertained by this....even though I still giggle when I read "coccyx"...I know...grow up Kristina. Then I looked down at my gray and purple Nikes and said to myself...."Why do you have mud stains on your shoes????" I work out but don't remember running (lets face it....walking) through any mud at the gym. Then I remembered our mud......four wheeling. I then smiled and forgot about my throbbing throat pain for a good 5...maybe 10 seconds. Then the doctor came in, checked me out, and announced "You have a severe sinus infection"...oh goody. She then wrote me a prescription for antibiotics which I did get excited about and sent me on my way. She also congratulated me on getting married... :)

SO after popping some meds and sleeping all day, cuddling with my dog, watching Oprah, and looking at the rain/sleet out the window...I still feel like crap....but am looking forward to the future. :)

And because a blog post is always better with a is a picture of our shoes after we went four wheeling. At the time I was like "crap they are ruined"....but today I am glad they were "ruined".... :)

Hope you had a fabulous day! :)


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