December 17, 2009

Change is a good thing!

SO I have made some changes to my blog AND my website. So check out my website! After you read my
blog of course..... :) I also decided to make my pictures "X-LARGE" in my posts AND I added some tunes! I am taking requests! So if you would like to request a song, please leave a comment and I will play it for you! OH YES! You will also get a shout out from yours truly! Lucky.... But this week has been CRAZY! I had an awesome time shooting pics at the Grant 6th grade basketball tournament! They lost, but hey I enjoyed it. AND they played music from Space Jam....reminded me of my old school basketball days. "WHITESIDE!".... :) I also attended another School Christmas show. I really enjoyed it! Their songs were hilarious and each class played a song using bells! VERY entertaining. Here is a picture of Tamika and her fabulous family, her son Elijah did an awesome job performing! :)

"Princess Tiana" is a little superstar.....:)

This week I also had my debit card number stolen......OH YES....I DO NOT like getting a call at work from a nice lady at my bank informing me that there has been "suspicious activity" involving my account and my debit card has been frozen!  OH GOODY!  So that pretty much ruined my day....ok days.....especially since I have done no Christmas shopping and I never carry cash.  And it turns out that this little thief works at a Wal-Mart in Glendora California AND they decided to go on a little shopping spree.  WHATEV!  SO yes it stinks.....big time....BUT we are getting that money credited back to my account and they are "launching an investigation".  That's a federal offense bub!  You're going DOWN!  So even though I am now paranoid about going out to eat, or even using my debit card period (I have no clue how they got my number) I am thankful the bank caught it right away and are able to give me back my money!  So thank you bank!

This weekend I am attending a Christmas party at a VIPs house, well he is a VIP at my mom's work.  Should be fun, and I am dragging Tim along.  AND then Sunday I am doing a "Couples in love" shoot with Tamika and her DH (dearest husband) Ron and I am super excited!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and gets all their holiday shopping done!  Keep your money/credit cards close and safe!  And I like to end on a happy note....I had the worst headache today when I got home and fell asleep on the couch.  Well I woke up SNL's Christmas special was on....boy was I groggy.....BUT THEN....wait for it.....JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE came on!  I squinted and said out loud "is that...JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE" then shot up and became  Tim was like "wow.....that got your attention...."....hehe....he performed his "Cup O Soup" skit which was HILARIOUS.  In case you missed it is.....oh how I HEART him! :)


mzerr said...

What a cute family, I think Tamika looks so much like the beautiful Michelle Obama!

Kristina Cipolla said...

She so does!!!!! Awww what a great compliment... :)

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