December 29, 2009

St. Louis Wedding/Engagement Photographer - Angie and Alex

SO Saturday I had the privelage of meeting Angie and Alex.  We met in Lafayette Square for a quick engagement session.  When I first met them, I knew they looked SO familiar but I could not put my finger on it.  I now know that not only were we both at the same wedding last year, but we also rode the same party bus.  Small world people! :)  Angie and Alex are getting married Labor Day weekend and FYI....they make the cutest couple!  AND Angie wore leopard print high heels AND......wait for it.....RED HIGH HEELS!  My kind of girl!  Here are a few from their E-session.  Enjoy!

We met at Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square.  They have the best Gooey Butter Cake..Yummo.....  :)

Check out Angie's "Bling Bling.."...gorgeous!

My favorite abandoned it.... :)

Red shoes!  Red shoes! :)

Aren't they just the cutest???

It was a bit chilly out....cuddling always solves that problem..... :)

Angie has fabulous blue eyes!

I heart Ivy....

I maybe enjoy trespassing just a little too much....especially when you lean against a door and it opens...

Alex is in Law School...maybe he can defend me one day....just kidding people!  I don't break the law....


Work it....woooooork it.... :)

This one makes me cute...

Oh how I heart this red wall....

Finally we headed over to the coolest glass shop...which happened to be closed...but the door was open... :)

If ever in Lafayette you must check out Schwaig Art Glass Works....very cool....AND he has the CUTEST little pug named Alvin....he snorts.... :)

I love these doors....beautiful....

Beautiful couple too.....  :)

Thanks guys for a great afternoon!  Have fun wedding planning!  :)


mzerr said...

Kristina will you go back in time and do our engagement photos? I just LOVE these! (although I wouldn't be able to pull of such adorable heels, not a heel kinda girl).
They are wonderful-fantastic-amazing. Great job!

Kristina Cipolla said...

Yes yes...I will pull my time machine out of the closet! :) Thank you! Oh my weakness for cute shoes is so bad....I need a new leopard pair asap! :)

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