December 11, 2009

Jingle Bells....Jingle Bells...

Last night I had the privilege of attending Chris' Christmas Play. He cracks me up...and is one of the funniest 2nd graders I know. His mom Mickey and I work together and she cracks me up, much like Chris. The first time I ever met Chris, we all ate lunch together in the cafeteria. Chris did most of the talking. :) When I found out about his Christmas play I basically invited myself and told Mickey I would be there, to save me a seat, and that I would be taking lots of pictures. Chris' dad is currently serving in Afghanistan so I was more than happy to take some pictures for him to see. Here are a few pics from the evening. Thanks guys for inviting me! I had a great time! :)
Chris blowing in the mic to make sure it was on.... :)

He had a solo in the song SOS....He totally rocked it!

lol...very expressive......

See... :)

Chris and his mom :)

OH favorite 2nd grader.... :)

Thanks for a great night!!!!!


mzerr said...

What a cutie! Thanks for sharing Kristina!

Kristina Cipolla said...

lol.....indeed my favorite 2nd grader! :)

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