December 7, 2009

Because we can....

SO this weekend started off as kind of a blah weekend. I had to work on Saturday and was still fighting with the worst sinus infection ever.....Tim had just got home from a four day trip and by 4:00pm Saturday afternoon....we were both exhausted. This was supposed to be the weekend we put up our tree but it was not looking like this was going to happen. I ended up falling asleep on the couch for a good 3 hours.....then I woke up to the smell of steak.....yummo. Tim and I ate a late dinner then watched some tv. Then I just sat up and said, let's go to Old Time Pottery and get xmas lights! Like a a bunch of kids, Tim and I jumped up and got online to find the number to call and see what time they closed. They closed at was 8:35pm. "OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!" I shouted before Tim even hung up the phone.....drama queen I know. "Uhhhh, oh well we will go tomorrow." Well then 3 minutes later I said, well Target is open. And Tim turned around from his computer and smiled and said "I'm looking at their website right now" So we drove up to Target. We get home.....10:30pm at night...."Wanna put them up now?"..."NOW????" I's nose is's freezing.....but okay!

Why did we decide to drive up to Target and then put up Christmas lights late at night in the freezinf cold??? Because we can..... Why did we buy the cheaper lights with no hooks and buy little suction hooks, put them on one by one around the house, then hang the lights??? Because we can.... Even though money is very tight and we really shouldn't buy anything extra but really wanted to decorate our first house with xmas lights so we put them on our credit card.....why???? Because WE can...

Marriage is about WE as in my husband and myself. Yes I'm sure there will be many times when we both work long hours and are exhausted. Yes there will be times when we will both be grouchy and lazy and just want to lay around and not decorate for xmas. Yes there will be times when money is tight and we bicker about this or that. BUT we are a TEAM and we love each other so much. We each UNDERSTAND and can LAUGH at our need to be RANDOM and want to decorate late at night in the freezing cold. We APPRECIATE each other and CARE about each other. And we can bicker about money and meet in the middle and have UNDERSTANDING.....because we are husband and wife....because we are best friends....because we are a team..... and could burst at any moment because we LOVE each other so much! I love you Tim. Thank you for laughing at my random ideas and going along with them, understanding my need to yell random noises especially when it's freezing outside or the person in front of us is driving ridiculously slow, making me a steak dinner even though you are just as tired as I am, driving up to Target three times to get the right lights for our house and our Christmas tree, and getting dressed again to take a family picture even though it is 10:30pm at night and you have to get up at 4:30am to go to work and have a four day trip. I LOVE YOU! :)

Here are a few pics from this weekend......enjoy! :)

Our dog Gracie playing with the xmas tree lights as we were putting them on...
Christmas 2009 Family Picture :)

Our Christmas Tree...still needs a star or an angel....but I love it. :)

Have a fabulous day! :)


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