April 16, 2010

Props- Antique Quilts...I want!

This week has been mad crazy, which is why my last post was on Tuesday!  Sorry....  But I have lots of photos in the works including a surprise renewal vow ceremony which was absolutely adorable.  As some of you may have noticed, I love antiques.  With the many photo sessions I have approaching, I am loving the idea of incorporating props.  Especially vintage props. :)  I've been on the hunt for an awesome antique quilt to use in family sessions, but those things can be expensive!  Especially if they are really detailed and colorful.  I have had my eye on a few at the antique shops in my area, but still haven't found "the one."  I am a bargain shopper but with expensive taste?  So I always want the most expensive one....but love me a good deal!  I don't every pay full price for anything shopping wise.  "IT WILL GO ON SALE SOON..." is my motto.  So I have been holding off in hopes of finding the "perfect" quilt with the "perfect" price.  Props are a great way to add a personal touch, especially when the "prop" is something meaningful to the person/people in the photograph.  Here are a few antique quilts that have inspired me.  Enjoy!

Love this quilt by Threadbear

This quilt is from 1610 .  Gorgeous!

English inspired quilt made from scraps.

An Irish Chain Quilt

LOVE this red and white beauty.  Wouldn't it be cute to play checkers on???? 

LOVE this chunky colorful pattern...

Lucky for me there is a flea market happening next weekend, so hopefully I will find my "perfect" quilt!
Wish me luck!  Have a fabulous weekend!


Michelle said...

OH! I LOVE the second one. Wow.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

I love love love quilts!!! Good luck on your hunt and can't wait to see what you find. Happy weekend! Mel :)

MsHark said...

Ohh pretty! I love quilts! they are just so homey you know?!

I'm always attracted to the most expensive thing too, unknowingly.



Thanks ladies! I want them all! lol...

Michelle- I love the second one too, it looks a bit french? Which I love... :)

Melissa- Thank you! The flea market is actually this weekend so hopefully I will strike gold! hehe... :)

Steph- SO homey, and yes I "unknowingly" are attracted to the most expensive thing. I can't help it! Having good taste is just something you are born with...hehe... :)

Oonafey said...

Hey, Kristina! Which flea market are you headed to?

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