April 30, 2010

I Heart Faces- Fix It Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Here is today's I Heart Faces "Fix It Friday" photo.  I decided to edit and try to give the step as to what I did in PSE (Photo Shop Elements). 

Here is the original photo taken by Angie of her beautiful daughter.

And here is my edit.

Now let me list what I did....hopefully this all makes sense....
First I cropped out the sign and brought her in a little closer.  Used the spot healing brush on the pink stream on the left and the white "blotchy thing" on the bridge in the street.
Added a layer (ctl J) and chose to "multiply" that layer, then decreased the opacity to 19%.
Adjusted the color curves
Ran Amy McMaster's Squeaky Clean and selected the deeper shadows (30% opacity)
And selected the "more color" option (95%).
The I lightened the shadows just a bit.
And finally resized and sharpened for internet (which added the black frame).


Thanks for looking!


Michelle said...

Nice and crisp! Good job.

Michelle said...

Oh, and I meant to mention the white "blotchy thing" -- I didn't notice it at first and now that's all I see in mine. ~haha~

Meg said...

Love the edit!

Rhiann said...

Thanks for your comment. Ive admired your work for a while, so it meant alot. I love your edit. You really made her stand out.

Kayla said...

I am amazed by the pictures. You have a HUGE new fan in me!



Michelle- Thank you! I'm just crazy, only reason I saw the "white blotchy thing"...hehe..

Thanks Meg! :)

Rhiann- You're welcome. I really liked your edit. And thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :)

Kayla- Can I go to a show with you??? :) Thank you! Really appreciate it!

Melissa said...

Great edit, I love the feel to it now.


Thanks Melissa! :)

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