April 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds and Spring...

Last weekend my mom and I went to a local Flea Market.  I LOVE flea markets.  Seriously, some people may think it's just a bunch of junk, but I could look at "junk" for hours.  You may remember that I am on the hunt for the "perfect" quilt.  I found many beautiful quilts, but not at a beautiful price.  I'm not giving up....but I did find a few items along the way. :)

My mom and I spotted this hand blown pitcher.  It's huge, and gorgeous!  It will be perfect for margaritas and Sangria...aka...wine punch!  Check out the recipe here!

Also found this vintage looking mirror.  I have a bridal shoot coming up and thought it would add a little something.  Plus it was only $5.  Love it... :)

Now that Spring is in full swing, DH and I have been spending our weekends outside doing "projects".  I wish tulips would stick around all year...they are so friendly and gorgeous.

But with Spring comes severe weather.  Yesterday we got our first welcoming of the tornado siren.  DH and I are not the greatest when it comes to tornado safety....we actually run outside and "try to find it".  When I was a kid I wanted to be a tornado chaser.....the dream lives on.... :)

Okay back to the "master bedroom transformation" project.  We finished the color yesterday, now onto the trim and painting the furniture.  Are you as excited as I am? hehe... Stay tuned for "how to build your own garden"....a surprise wedding vow renewal ceremony....and a possible slideshow of the "grand finale" of my NYC pics I still haven't posted yet. 

Have a fabulous day!


Elyssa said...

Those tulips are gorgeous! Love these shots :)

Andi said...

I love seeing what you find, I really need to get on the ball and start doing this too-the hunt for something rare and awesome must be so fun!

PS-I make the best sangria (I was a bartender for many years), My recipe's on my blog too, I use Chambord and Triple Sec instead of oranges and raspberries, LOL~a bit stronger that way:)

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Amy said...

I love the pitcher - what a great find!

Melissa said...

I'm the kind that runs outside to find the tornado as well! One time I did manage to actually see one from the deck on my very first apartment, I figured there isn't a basement, so if I'm going down I might as well get a good look it first! Haha! Love your finds, that pitcher is gorg!


Thanks ladies! Yes I can't wait to put that pitcher to good use!

Andi- Figures you would make the best sangria! lol... I will def. check out your recipe! And Melissa last year one tore through a neighborhood maybe 2 miles from our house? We were of course standing in our backyard looking for it...but I don't think I would ever jump in my car and "chase" one...I'll just stick to be a "spotter". :)

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