April 7, 2010

Easter weekend....

This past weekend I relaxed and ventured out to a few antique shops.  Even though I go to the same antique shops all the time, I never get bored.  Yes, they always have the same "inventory" but it's always nice to see the new items...and to try and figure out which items have found a home.  I just wanted to share with you all a few pics from this past weekend.  Enjoy! :)

This little beauty....1960's black purse.  It instantly reminded me of "Jackie O" and I loved the textured look. 
Just a little fact...A "Jackie O" style purse does not collapse when you set it down, it maintains its shape..
Like this little beauty. :)

LOVE the texture....they also had an alligator purse but it smelled horrible.  I hate when that happens....

I also found this gorgeous 1960's Amber Pitcher.  I guess I was in a 1960's mood that day?  I thought it would be perfect for a lemonade pitcher... :)

Love the circular details...AND guess what?!?!?!?  They have a cake stand to match!  SO guess where I'm headed next payday?......Please please please still be there....   Now all I need is 4 glasses to match!  OH and 4 little amber dessert plates...see what happens....(I'm addicted). :)

Oh so vintage....And speaking of lemonade, that's exactly what I did!

Here is the lemonade recipe I used...

I do not have a juicer...so I had to use my own two hands. 
My hands were killing me, but it was very tasty! :)

Then we sat on our deck and enjoyed our Easter dinner, sipped some lemonade, and enjoyed some blueberry sour cream coffee cake.  And enjoyed the view of our blooming trees...this one is my favorite. 
(And it's purple!) :)

So pretty... :)  Hope you are all having a great week!

STAY TUNED!  I'm working on a project...
Is that a saw in my hand??? That must mean I built something....right? :)
(Dang I am so pale...practically blend in with the wall.....hehe...)-

Have a great day!


Melissa said...

I love your finds, that pitcher is beautiful! And I can't wait to see what you built! Wish we had some power tools so I could build something. (DH isn't much of a handy man) :s Lol!

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Can't wait to see what you created!!! I leave the saw work to Rob, I like my fingers intact, LOL!

Dana Fallaize said...

First off, get a juicer! totally worth it! Secondly, I'm making that coffee cake. And hurry up and finish your project! I wanna see it!

Laura said...

Love the pitcher. It's adorable and perfect for lemonade! Can't wait to see this mystery project!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome finds! I was just tell my husband I want to start going hunting for cool stuff like this. Love you with the saw :)


Melissa- Thank you! You can come over and "build" with me anytime! :)

Melissa- I like my fingers intact too! :) hehe..

Dana- I SO need a juicer! Along with a breadmaker...birthday present? :) Hope you enjoy your coffee cake! I'm done! Will post pics tomorrow!

Laura- Thank you! I swear the lemonade even tastes better in that pitcher...hehe..
Stay Tuned! :)

Andi- Thank you! Oh be careful, looking for antiques can become VERY addicitve! I'm a "pro sawer"...or not... :)

Amy said...

i love the vase! very retro, and perfect for lemonade!


Thanks Amy! :)

Lei said...

Such fun stuff. Nice to meet another photographer! And hey - thanks for commenting on my tute over at Tatertots today!

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