May 2, 2011

Flower Shop....

So I have been neglecting my blog a bit and I miss my blog....I miss you bloggy I will try to do better.  I've been mad busy editing and editing....and working on my new website & logo which launched yesterday.  OH you haven't seen it???...Well feel free to hop on over and check it out!

Yesterday I decided to take a break from my editing party and ventured out into our front yard.  I'm so glad that I did....  We have a beautiful hydrangea plant/bush that I love SO much, and it is in full bloom.  Love it...

AND our peonies (love love love) are about to bloom in our backyard...  Squeeee!
Thinking about opening up a flower shop.... :)

Have a fabulous week!


Michelle said...

Oh, please post peonie photos!! Pretty please??


As soon as they bloom I'm on it! :)

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