May 23, 2011

Amber - St. Louis Bridal Photographer

Hi there!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I have a good sunburn going on from a wedding I helped shoot on Saturday.  Note to self....sunscreen!  Anyways, I recently got to spend some time with Amber.  Amber and I went to high school together and played tennis together.  She is the bomb diggity and drop dead gorgeous.  We went downtown and had ourselves one FABULOUS Bridal session.  Amber has been married for four years now....  that's right ladies, it's never too late to do a Bridal session!  Whether before or after your wedding, a Bridal session allows you to get all dolled up more than once and show off that gorgeous wedding dress.  Any excuse to wear your wedding dress more than once is a winner in my book.... :)  Here are a few from Amber's Bridal session, Enjoy!

We started down on The Landing...

Amber is OH so stunning!

We had some paparazzi....  :)


Love City Garden...

You would never know that some "creeper" guy was standing next to me go Amber! ;)

Thanks again Amber for one FABULOUS Bridal session!
Creeper.... ;)


Andi said...

These are so beautiful, Amber is gorgeous! Love all the shots, especially those on the landing.

Michelle said...

Okay... seriously... I know I've said this before but I think this is your best shoot yet! Good job! :o)

Jenny H. said...

What a gorgeous bridal session!!!!!

Andrea Barriger said...

These are GORGEOUS! Makes me want to slap on my dress and do the same thing! lol You def rocked it!!:)


Thanks ladies! :)

Sally said...

Love the photos at the Post Office! You know your city so well Kristina and it shows in your creative locations :)

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