May 31, 2011

Emily - Edwardsville, IL Senior Photographer

Hi there!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I helped out another AH-mazing photog with a wedding and attended the Gypsy my sunburn or "tan" is still in full force.  :)  I'm kind of excited because even though I am red....I have some tannish (sp?) color.  Go me!  I don't tan EVER which is why this is a big deal....  I know, annoying. :)

But I recently met with the lovely Emily for her Senior Session.  Emily lives "in the middle of nowhere" which I love.  I pulled up to a gorgeous large log cabin esque home with lots of open space....LOVE!  Deer, a tire swing, yellow fields and the lovely Emily????  One awesome Senior Session!  I LOVE Senior Sessions because teenagers are so stylish and outgoing and down for anything.... and I love capturing their personality!  Good times!  Here are a few from Emily's Senior Session.  Enjoy!

Emily plays the it... :)

I'm not going to lie...I got CRAZY excited when I saw the tire swing....  And Emily was totally game!

♥ ♥ ♥

Emily you are GORGEOUS my dear!

A quick outfit change and one awesome yellow field in which Emily picked out herself.... 
She's awesome :)

And then we wrapped up Emily's session in downtown Edwardsville...which has an old theater....squeeee!

Love your scarves Emily... ;) gorgeous!

Thanks again Em!  You did a FABULOUS job! 
Congratulations on graduating and good luck in culinary school!


Jess said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kristina! Love all of them : )

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