May 5, 2011

Pay it Forward.....Thank you Allie!

So my friend Allie posted something called "Pay it Forward" on Facebook a while back.  Allie said she would be doing a "pay it forward" project in which you make something and then the first person to comment will receive that special something.  I'm pretty sure I responded with a smiley face...and that's it.  Allie is famous for her knitted creations and I am a big fan of her work.  Well last week I received a a package from Allie all the way from Maine and  it made me smile...big time!  I LOVE it!  And I can't wait to wear it around town and show it off.  THANK YOU SO MUCH Allie!  Make sure to check out Allie's Etsy Shop and her Knit Designs!  She also makes AH-dorbale Mary Jane Booties and Mittens....which I am adding to my shopping list. :)

And with that said....I am now going to "Pay it Forward"....  So the first person who leaves a comment on my Blog AND the first person to leave a comment on my Fan Page will receive a gift...from me....  And that gift will be an artistic print.....of mine.  YAY!

Gorgeous huh?????  AND I love handwritten letters....keep them all on my "inspiration" board...

It fits perfectly! :)



Laura said...

You look adorable in that hat!


Thank you :) And you my dear get an artistic print from me! :) YAY! Sending a big hug your way!

Laura said...

Awww yay!! I look forward to it! Your are such an inspiration and I am proud to have one of your prints framed and displayed in my home :) hugs to you!

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