May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day ♥

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  My husband and I took my Mom to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  My mom LOVES flowers, plants, and gardening so this place is like heaven.  When we arrived there was a long line wrapped around the building full of families waiting to enter.  My mom turned to me and said "We need to stop by the Gift Shop so I can get a disposable camera!".....Um what???  That's when I opened my gigantic purse and pulled out my camera.  "Don't worry Mom, I got you covered!"  We spent all afternoon walking around looking at the pretty flowers and dodging bumble bees.  My mom was completely in her element wandering around the different gardens and speed walking to the next.  It was a special day. 

And OF COURSE I brought my camera.  Not only to take pictures of the flowers but also to take a few with my Mom.  I have a million photos of other people, pretty things, and my dog...but I recently made a "note to self" to take more pictures of my family....especially my Mom and Dad.  Just wanted to share a few..

Oh and I got my Mom tickets to see Earth Wind and Fire next month.  :)

Love you Mom! ♥


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