January 5, 2010


BAHAHAHA!  So it just seriously took me 10 minutes to sign into my blog account because I could not spell my last name right.........OKAY Kristina get with the program.  Today has just been one of those days.  AND the fact that it is 0 degrees outside and I could not feel my face by the time I walked into work today is SO not cool.  So latelty I have been feeling a little down, as in I got the blues.  I don't know why!  For some reason after the holidays I always feel like now what....what do I have to look forward to???  Don't ask me why......  What I do know is that I need to snap out of it!  I need to put on some sweatpants, turn on some awesome tunes (I love throw back jams from the 90s) and rock out in my living room!  I know my neighbors have seen me bust a move from time to time and my dog always barks her head off because she thinks I am playing with her, but dancing always makes me feel better.  Whether it be in my car, at home, or walking around Target with my mom....I love to dance.  It just feels so good to bust a move once in a while (daily).  So needing to snap out of my crappy mood and wanting to get back on the exercise train, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  SOOOO today my coworker and I ran over to the YMCA on our lunch and signed up for ZUMBA!  For those of you who are not familiar with Zumba, it is a latin dance/exercise class that totally rocks my world.  I have taken it before and LOVED it.  Then I found an awesome hip hop aerobics class at my gym, but it just got cancelled.  So it's back to Zumba my friends!  We signed up for the 7 week session and am so ready!  First class is this Thursday!  So if any of you are thinking about getting on the exercise train or trying something new for your workout routine, I would highly suggest Zumba!  AND you don't need to be an "amazing" dancer to master Zumba, it is so much fun and the music is awesome.  Just in case you are wondering, here is a link to a ZUMBA! class.  If you are embarassed to go by yourself don't worry, I will totally come with you and divert all the attention away from you.  I am by no means Justin Timberlake (who is so hot by the way) but I can shake what my momma gave me.  Have a fabulous day!  :)


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