January 31, 2010

This week in Photos.....

So this week has been kind of a blah week.  BUT one of the highlights of my week was finding a few great pieces at my local antique shop.  I LOVE antique shops.  AND they just got in a whole new selection of vintage dresses from the 1950s-1960s.  At first I was determined to never eat again to fit into these, but I love food too much and I have never been a size zero.  Not even when I was a baby.  I can't stop thinking about this one black dress they had, I may just have to go back and either find a skinny girl to wear it so I can take pics, or find an awesome tailor and add lots of fabric to the back so I can wear it.  We shall see.  Another highlight from this week is that I received my Elle Magazine, White House Black Market Catalog, and my Anthropologie Catalog.  I have a sketch/scrap book in which I cut and paste pictures out of magazines/catalogs that I love and really inspire me.  Any techniques, notes, inspirational quotes I find I also jot them down in my sketch book.  I love to go back and flip through it, especially before a photo shoot for some inspiration.  So of course I was ecstatic to get 3 new "inspirational" pieces this week to flip through.  And I kind of really like the smell of Elmer's Rubber Cement....which I use as glue.  But anyways.  I just wanted to share a few pics I took this week and a few pics I found in magazines/catalogs.  I would also like to give a big shout out to Valerie, Jessica, Courtney, and Candi for an awesome time at the The Wine Tap Friday night.  Again, another highlight of my week.  :)

Have a fabulous day!

I found this awesome camera case in the basement of an antique shop.  Everything in the basement is 50% off.  So this cost me a whole $5.  Can I get a what what?!?!?!?

And inside of the case was a camera!  What?!?!?!?  The "Big Swinger 3000".  I did some research online and it is from the 1960s and was the first "affordable" film camera.  It's a tad dirty....but a fabulous find!

I bought the cutest 1920's looking hat last weekend (for winter) and wanted to jazz it up a bit.  This is the main reason I went to the antique shop, to find one awesome chunky vintage brooch.  I found one in the $7 bin but then turned around and saw this one is the display case.  I was in love.  I shelled out a good $14 but I think it was worth every penny.  LOVE it.

I think it completes the hat.....what do you think?

I also ventured out to TJ Maxx and found this little beauty.  Well actually, my mom found it then gave it to me.  Thanks mom!  The DH and I are planning on painting our room next month and this gorgeous cashmere throw blanket will look awesome with our deep silver beadspread and "Serene" colored walls.  And it was only $10.  Stay tuned for that!

We really needed some kind of coat rack for our back door.  I had a shelf type of rack in mind then found these awesome hooks in the 70% off aisle at Hobby Lobby.  They were originally $10 each and I got all 3 for $10.  I love how they look and they get the job done.  Awesome find.

My breakfast, Special K, blueberries, and honey.  The blueberries were on sale at my local farmers market for $2.99.  They were delish. 

Of course I have to include a pic of my baby....Gracie Mae.

My new reading material for the week.....

I love this photo from Anthropologie.  The texture from the rope really brings out the jewelry.

Another fabulous photo from Anthropologie.  LOVE the texture of the lace against the lace.

Really like this photo from White House Black Market.  Catalogs give me ideas on how to position my subjects during a shoot.  FYI....looks like coral nail polish is really in for Spring.  :)

Finally, I love this photo from Elle Magazine of Jennifer Lopez aka "Jenny from the block".  I love how the light hits her face and the texture of the wall and the lines in her dress.  Very cool.


mzerr said...

Love the photos, thanks for sharing. I am SO jealous of your camera find...what a steal! And the hat and brooch and beautiful together. If I ever some down to St. L we will have to make a trip to the antique store together. :) And I also can't wait to see what you do with your bedroom, very excited for that!

Hoping next week is a little less blah for you, take care!

Andi said...

What amazing finds!!! I love everything!!! Your photos are fantastic, I really enjoy your posts!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think I need to hit up an antique shop now. Great finds!


Melissa- Yes yes when you come down to STL we will def. have to hit up some antique shops! i found a new one today and it is huge! Spent two hours there. Would have stayed longer but they closed for the day... Thank you my dear. :)

Andi- Thank you so much! :)

Ashley- You have to find an antique shop! Be careful, you may get sucked in. :)

Laura said...

Hi Kristina!
I finally got the nerves to start a blog! I was worried about having one out there!
I ADORE Anthropologie. They have a store in Chicago, but the magazines are the best. I like to refer to them too for ideas when shooting subjects!
Anyways, I love reading your posts and your pictures just get better and better!


Thanks Lauara! YAY! I'm so glad you started a blog! I LOVE AnthropologiI could get in a lot of trouble in that store.... :)

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