January 16, 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days....

Happy Saturday everyone!  I love Saturday mornings!  I get up, throw on my "grandma" sweater (it's super cute by the way), make a pot coffee, turn on some good music, and browse the internet.  I love reading other blogs, stalking people on FB, and printing off coupons for the weekend (Michaels, Target, Archivers).  This morning I was reading Amy's blog A Slice of Domestic Bliss.  Amy and the fabulous ladies of our Oct 09 nest board are participating in 101 Things in 1001 Days Project .  At first I must admit, I did not want to do this.  Honestly because I was being lazy and did not want to sit down and come up with 101 things.  But after seeing the different lists and then reading Amy's blog this morning, I did.  Thanks to Amy for her inspiring list.  After reading her list I sat down and created mine.  A lot of things on her list were right up my alley, so thank you Amy for inspiring me this morning (she probably has no clue I read it....lol).  Here is my list of 101 things I will complete in 1001 days, starting today!  Helmet on....huddled up...slapping my helmet and grunting (yes Nicole I know we are the only two in the huddle...lol) LETS DO THIS!  I encourage you to sit down and make a list of your own, it really put things into perspective for me.  I hope it does the same for you.  And feel free to join our huddle! :)  Have a FABULOUS weekend!

101 Things in 1001 Days....


1. fill up my photography/inspirational journal

2. take boudoir pictures

3. learn to love my arms

4. see a movie by myself

5. watch the sun rise

6. rock a strapless dress without stressing over my arms

7. get a psychic reading done

8. learn to speak some French/Italian (complete sentences)

9. buy an awesome vintage piece of jewelry

10. clean and preserve my wedding dress

11. make a new list of 101 things

12. write H a love letter

13. choose photos for our wedding album

14. start monthly date nights with H

15. take weekend trips with H

16. eat dinner together in dining room, no distractions (no television)

17. call my dad at least once a week

18. host a dinner party at our house

19. host a game night at our house

20. host a holiday meal for one or more sides of the family at our house

21. create a wedding album for my grandma and give it to her in person

22. become CPR certified (again)

23. reach and maintain my goal weight

24. wake up at 530 AM to exercise for one (work) week straight

25. go on a bike ride through our neighborhood/bike trail across the street

26. get a bike

27. walk/run more with Gracie

28. go snorkeling

29. go dog sledding in Canada (our original honeymoon idea)

30. take a Spinning class (I’m terrified)

31. take a ski lesson

32. try water skiing

33. take an art class

34. take a cake decorating class

35. learn to knit

36. Create a photo album for each (wedding/honeymoon/family/traveling)

37. Book and photograph 10 weddings

38. make a piece of art (collage, painting, etc.) for our house

39. make our holiday cards instead of buying one year

40. decrease my use of non-environmentally friendly cleaning products

41. buy mesh bags to use for produce instead of plastic bags

42. get into the practice of unplugging appliances/devices while not in use

43. replace all light bulbs with low-energy bulbs as needed

44. ride my bike to work three times (0/3)

45. go to a farmers' market for produce instead of the grocery store at least 5 times per summer (0/15)

46. keep thermostat at 2 degrees warmer in summer and colder in winter than it is now

47. maintain a vegetable garden every summer (0/3)

48. plant a flower garden


49. read at least 5 Danielle Steel books (0/5)

50. see all Best Picture winning movies (0/84)

51. visit the Guggenheim

52. visit the Louvre

53. attend 15 concerts (0/15)

54. see a play on Broadway

55. attend four Cardinals games (0/4)

56. join the local public library

57. attend a community festival


58. try one new recipe per week (0/143)

59. try five foods I've never had before (0/5)

60. make homemade pasta

61. maintain an herb garden

62. buy whole coffee beans more to grind in coffee grinder

63. make and bottle five different healthier salad dressings (0/5)

64. paint master bedroom

65. paint bedroom furniture

66. find rug for family room/office

67. finish/paint vanity guest bathroom

68. paint exterior front door red

69. paint all baseboard trim white

70. replace all ceiling fans in house

71. landscape our front yard

72. have the series of B&W photos I took in my college photography class professionally matted and framed

73. redo kitchen cabinets/counters

74. hang wedding pictures/art throughout house

75. decorate master bedroom

76. buy a piece of antique furniture from an antique shop

77. go eagle watching with my dad

78. go parasailing

79. go star-gazing

80. have a picnic in the park

81. travel out West

82. take a unplanned "where-ever-the-road-may-take-us" road trip

83. visit three states I've never been to before (0/3)

84. build a snowman in front yard

85. visit a town in MO I’ve never been to

86. go to the driving range with H (like we used to do in college)


87. create a will

88. pay off half of remaining student loan debt

89. continue to contribute to company 401k plan

90. pay off all credit card debt

91. increase emergency fund

92. put $10 a week into savings

93. clean out, decorate, and bring some cheer to my corner at work

94. finish Masters degree (frame BS degree)

95. upgrade photography website to unlimited space

96. join photograph viewing website for clients to view photos

97. import all photographs to CDs and file

98. maintain my blog (at least two posts per week)


99. volunteer my time 15 times (0/15)

100. give a compliment to a stranger twenty times (0/20)

101. pay for someone behind me in line

AND because a post is always better with pics, here are two from this morning.

Banana Sour Cream pancakes....my breakfast...HOLY CRAP!  I need to stop eating so much bacon!!!
Maybe I should put that on my list before I give myself a heart attack?  Jeez Kristina.....That's terrible!!!!

Our baby Gracie napping with her Koala...or I call it her "Quawly....get your quawly! get your quawly!"..

Thanks for reading!
Kristina :)


Michelle said...

The pancake picture is making me HUNGRY! Have you checked out foodgawker.com? :o)


O....M....G.... Sweet potato pound cake with cinnamon cream glaze?????? Chocolate Babka??? I LOVE you Michelle! THANK YOU! :)

Meg said...

I wanna do 34 with you!!!... and yes, you need to get on 68!!!


Well of course I will do 34 with you!!!! Even if I am SO terrible, you will be there to laugh with me! :) And yes I know I need to get on painitng my door red! I knew what you were talking about without even looking at the number.... ;)

Kayla said...

Hey girly! this is great!! I think one morning (on the weekend) I need to wake up early and make one of these. any way you blog is looking good, keep the photos coming:)


Awwww Kalya! I miss you lady!!! Hope you are doing fabulous! I posted the recipe on OCT 09 cookbook! SO good! :)

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