November 11, 2009


Happy Veteran's Day everyone! Being the daughter of a veteran and coming from a large military family, today always tugs on my little heart strings. Thank you to the men and women who have served and who are currently serving our country and fighting for our freedom. THANK YOU!

Yesterday we received a letter in the mail.....I LOVE getting mail, it's something that easily excites me. Tim picked me up from work in our new Honda Pilot (WOOT WOOT!) and told me I had some mail waiting for me inside. EEEkkk I instantly got excited (I'm such a dork) and put a little pep in my step as I headed into the house. The first piece of mail was a Save the Date from our good friends Kelly and Matt! YAY! SO cute and I loved seeing their little faces on their label! :) THEN the second piece of mail was from......wait for it......THE WHITE HOUSE! GAHHHHHH! When mailing out our wedding invitations I actually sent one to The Obama Family because yes, I thought it was cool. A lot of the girls on THE KNOT sent one as well, along with Minnie and Mickey Mouse, The Queen of England, and yes....Barry Manilow. I yelled "YYYYAAAAYYYY" and opened the "White House" envelope very carefully! In it was a personal letter adressed to Tim and I congratulating us on our wedding and wishing us the best. AND it was signed by the President and Mrs. Obama. It is now holding a spot on our fridge...... :) Hehe....we got a letter that says White House on it...Have a great day!


Shelley said...

How exciting! I wish I had thought to mail an invitation to the White House. But I know the Husband would have thought I was CRAZY! Haha! :)

Kristina Cipolla said...

Oh I SO wanted to send one to Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and yes I could go on... just in hopes of getting something back...hehe...:)

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