November 4, 2009


So I was working today and stumbled upon my daily horoscope. I read it out loud and then texted Tim, Megan, and my Mom. It freaked me out, but in a good way. Here is what it said:

"Capricorn Horoscope"

"Looks like you found a way to unwind, and in the middle of your relaxation an idea will hit you out of the blue. There is gold in them thar hills, you say? Start working on your business plan. Your idea is a winner, but it will take a lot of work to succeed."

Huhhhh???? Huhhhhh??? I'll take that any day of the week! "In them thar hills"....who talks like that????

I would first and foremost (yes I am standing up and giving you all a speech) like to thank all of my 15 followers which I have renamed as "Fabulous People" because you are! Thank you for the support!! :)

Secondly I would like to thank Aaron and Erin for putting their trust in me and allowing me to take their engagement photos next weekend. I am SUPER excited!! I am very much looking forward to this AND meeting their dog Mic! :) I will make sure to post pics as well as their "slideshow"....oh yes....I make slideshows....

I will leave you all with new pics of our new dining room set which came today. was all set up when I came home for lunch in which I enjoyed eating my hamburger with extra pickles very much... Hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday!

You like??? I do.... :)

My awesome new gold napkins (thank you Aunt Bobbi!) and my fabulous napkin rings (thank you Candi!)

Can you see me???? Can you see me??? YES I know this is a terrible crappy picture, I was joking around..... :)


Meg said...

I love your new dining set!

You are going to do wonderful next weekend! And you're off to a great start with your business plan so it'll be a winner in no time! :)

Kristina Cipolla said...

Thank you my love! :)

The Chosen One said...

Oh Kris i can see ima have to make sure i call you first thing when i get home to take pictures of me and the kids outside! even in these few short weeks, you are growing! I love the dining room set by the way!

kristen_kelley said...

Ok, I'm so jealous of your dining room!!! <3 it! god luck with the engagement shoots next week!

Kristina Cipolla said...

Nek I am So there! :)

Thanks Kristen! :)

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