November 1, 2009

Getting Started....

My husband and I in Kawaii Hawaii on our oh so fabulous honeymoon!
On my YELLOWWWW ATV! Thanks to Troy and Kipu Ranch Tours

So now that my own wedding is over and I now have time to breathe, I have decided to pursue a passion of I first took a photography class my Senior year in high school and ever since then, I have been an addict. After winning a few contests, I decided to pursue a photography as a degree. After almost 3 years of studying in college, I found myself struggling to pay for my supplies and honestly, I did not want to be a "starving artist". I then switched to Psychology where I now hold a B.S. in Psychology and Sociology......but photography has always been a part of my life, and in the back of my head like a "shoulda woulda coulda" type of thing..... Now deciding to take a break from my Masters in Counseling Program.....I feel that now is my chance to pursue my addiction. I love working with people, love talking to strangers, and most importantly love the artistic aspect of photography and love taking's what I do... I just recently sent out a message on FB to a handful of friends who I thought would maybe be willing to lend me their time....and their let me take pictures of them to build up my website. Because I have AMAZING friends, I am already booked for the month of November! HA! Can you say awesomeness? Yes I don't think that's a word....but it is now.
Now for the picture above. My husband and I just recently traveled to Kauai Hawaii for our honeymoon. Our first day there we decided to do something neither one of us had never done before......four wheeling. So we drove out to the middle of nowhere to a ranch and were given one on one training on how to drive an atv. If you did not pass the certification, you could not go explore on the ranch nor take part in the tour. So luckily we both passed! Then actually getting out there I started to get really nervous, then when we came to a steep ditch/hill....and yes the whole group got very quiet. Two things could happen....I could remain calm, listen to our awesome tour guide Troy and not freak out, and survive the steep ditch. OR I could panic and flip my atv or better yet, jump off in the middle of it and break a I took a deep breath, listened to my tour guide Troy, and eased my way down....never once pressed on the gas....and kept my thumb on the brake and EASED my way down......OH LET ME TELL YOU....I made it to the bottom of the steepest ditch/hill EVER and screamed SO loud in excitement I scared the birds! The picture is of me at the bottom of the ditch right afterwards on the "road to freedom"! I was SO pumped! So in reference to this whole photography thing.....I'm pumped!!!! Here I go! Out into the big scary world of starting my own business. I feel like I need a team huddle....."Helmets on......jumping up and down....slapping my a big circle.....yelling and screaming...." BRING IT!


The Chosen One said...

Hey now!! i love your energy and passion Kris! what a great way to start this new venture! i may not be the best Photographer but i sure love to take pictures. so if me adn the kids are around and you need to use us let us know and we will be more than willing to share our time with you! how fun! i think i may want to take a photography class as well. i take too many pictures to not know what i am doing. you are such an inspiration. Do what makes you happy and you will thrive! i look forward to all your future success and the joy it will bring you!

Kristina Cipolla Photography said...

I just LOVE you!!! Thank you so much!! If only I had your drive in the gym, I would so have a 6 pack already! :)

kristen_kelley said...

Yay!!! You're so frickin enthusiastic too!!! I get excited for you just reading this! Be sure to post pics on here!!! And congrats on the ATV triumph, thats so cool!

Kristina Cipolla Photography said...

Thanks Kristen!!!! :) I will def. post pics as soon as I have some shoots (coming up this weekend).

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