November 16, 2009

St. Louis Wedding/Engagement Photographer - Erin and Aaron

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Erin and Aaron's engagement pictures. First of all, I just have to say that they are SO darn cute! AND they have the same name, Erin and Aaron! CUTE! I actually met them the first weekend they met each other, then Aaron was a groomsmen in our wedding who is a long time friend of my DH (dear husband), and now they are engaged and getting married in August! Love how things come full circle! :) When you are around them you can just tell how happy and in love they are, I just love that. Thank you SO much for letting me take your pics. I hope you both (and Mic) had a great time! :) Here are a few pics from their engagement session. Enjoy! :)

We started off at Eden Lofts, thank you to Maria and Caleb!
Aren't they cute??? :)

I like I really like this one..... :)

Don't you just love her red shoes??? I have a rather large soft spot for red high heels.... :)

I know this one is dark..... but I like it....... :)

Aaron is so tall! And hilarious.....he reminds me of Jim Carey in the Cable :)


I heart abandoned buildings and chunky falling brick....

Boarded up windows = strike a pose....

Onto one of my FAV restaurants, Vin de Set. Thank you to Vin de Set for letting us use their rooftop! :)

PDA is always good in my book..... :)


Check out her Bling Bling! Love it!

Finally Lafayette Square. I LOVE this park!

One big happy family! This is their dog Mic......he's a handsome little man...

Cutest little his big brown nose....such a sweetie :)

One of my favs.... :)

Thanks again to the sun for being fabulous that day..... :)

SO happy in love..... :)

So you GOTTA play in the leaves.....I mean it is Fall...the best season ever.....

Aaron kept throwing them over Erin, it was funny....

Another fav.....Erin has GORGEOUS eyes....

Mic wanted to play in the leaves too! SO cute.... :)

Cute eh?

I also heart Willow trees.....I want to plant a huge one in my front yard....I'll get right on that....

I LOVE this one....looks like we jet setted to Paris for lunch..... :)

Awwww Paris is SO romantic......hehe.... :)

Thank you tree for showing off your red leaves for us....... :)

The End! Thanks again! :)


Meg said...

Great job! I love the ones with the fence. you're right, they're so Paris!

Kristina Cipolla said...

Thank you! SO Paris.... :)

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