November 2, 2009

New Camera!!!!

Hehe....I love my dog....

Are you trying to take my squeaky???? HA HA that's what you think.....

Ummmmm seriously what is that noise???? STOP IT!

I told you to.....STOP IT!!!

Why are you following me??? Can't you see I'm trying to get comfy and watch tv?....jeez..

Awwww mom....I give is my win..... :)

SO today after going to the Social Security Office to officially change my name!!!!! Tim and I ventured out to buy me a new camera and boy was I excited! I ended up getting the Canon Rebel T1i. I also purchased a 55-250mm lens AND a really spiffy bag to carry all of my crap! WOOT WOOT! So yes I have been playing with it all night and let me tell is pretty dang sweeeet! :) Thank you to my fabulous husband for cleaning off all the junk on my computer so it would run better AND for installing the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 8! I have to admit.....I did sort of feel like a kid sitting in front of the christmas tree today.......and then waiting impatiently for my Tim to hurry up so I could play...... :) Above are a few pics I took of my awesome dog Gracie. Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Kris!! congrats on your new camera, and a hubby who cleans up your computer for you ;-) i love the 4th picture of Gracie, everything about that picture was amazing! keep it up and keep posting i cant wait to see more of what you have to offer!


Unknown said...

Thanks lady!!!! I love you!!! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

It seems like a trend. I took photography and art classes in high school, then took graphic design in college. I didn't necessarily want a photography degree in college and couldn't take the additional classes as a result. DH says that I should now get an upgraded camera (like you) and follow my passion. I can't wait!

Unknown said...

GO FOR IT Ashley!!! My DH played a big part in my decision.... :)

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