January 3, 2011

New Year equals New Door....color....

Yesterday DH and I had justed watched Empire Records (squeeee!) and were lounging around watching some tv.  Well I put it on the addictive HGTV channel and their Dream Home 2011 special was on.  My goodness!  Their dream home giveaway was located in Stowe Vermont and it was absolutely goegeous!  You can check it out here.  Well then my project/creative/crazy thoughts started flowing and I looked over at our front door.  I hate the color....hate it.  It's like a dark muddy sandstone color and it makes that corner of our living room so dark.  At first I said "we need to finish painting the trim around the door"...DH all comfy just looked at me and of course I flashed him a million dollar smile.  Then after he got the paint out I got the best idea ever...."Lets just paint the entire door!"...again flashed a million dollar smile over towards DH.  :)  Here are some before pics and of course an after.  Yes I will get my red door this year with a big chunky window, but for now I am loving the new color.  Much better :)
Lets get it...

BEFORE, Muddy Sandstone....blah...

AFTER, bright white..
(This was taken last night, crappy lighting)

Taken this morning...so much brighter in that corner!  WOOT!

I love it.... :)

Gracie doesn't really seem to care.... :)

First random project of 2011.  :)

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Have a fabulous day!


Oonafey said...

Wow, that before really was a horrible, fleshy color... Yuck! Much better in white.

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