January 29, 2011

St. Louis Family Photographer - Markus Family

Last year (again I like saying that) I met up with the Markus family to do a family session.  They are such an adorable family.  AND we shot their session on a farm.  Squeeeeee!  Love farms.  Pigs, roosters, and peacocks running around....loved it.  Gage is such a little comedian and taught me some jokes, which I now use during my sessions....and they work everytime.  Thanks Gage! :)  Here are a few from their family session.  Enjoy!
This is Wilbur....cutest name for a pig don't you think?

And this is Gage :)

Such a handsome little guy...

AND he's hilarious....
"Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because he wanted to die!"
LOL...that was awesome...

Roosters just chillin...

"Why did the cow cross the road?"  Wait for it.....
"Because he wanted to die!".....LOL...still hilarious...


SOOOOO cute! :)

Thanks so much Markus family for one awesome family session!

Have a fabulous weekend! :)


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