January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  When asked to describe 2010 in one word, my word would be rollercoaster. 

Rollercoasters are intimidating, scary as hell, fun as hell, sometimes cause a headache and nausea, other times cause uncontrollable laughter, emotional highs and lows, can make you never want to ride them ever again or can make you want to ride them over and over, but overall a rollercoaster is one memorable experience.  I experienced all of the above in 2010 and learned from every single one.  Could every year be described as a rollercoaster?  Of course...  And that's why I am excited for 2011.  Was I happy in 2010?  Of course...  But I am looking forward to new and positive changes in 2011.  I am looking forward to feeling better and getting back on the healthy train (toot toot!), spending more quality time with friends and family, taking on new challenges (starting a new job), continuing to put my heart and energy into my business and hopefully watching it grow more and more, getting organized, celebrating the small things, celebrating the big things, getting a red front door (oh I will), and celebrating a Nsync Reunion....   Come on already!!!! :)

Wishing you all a Happy 2011! 

♥ Kristina


Meg said...

Happy New Year my love! I have been waiting over a year for you to get a red door!! Maybe this will be your year :)


I KNOW! :)

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