January 17, 2011

St. Louis Portrait Photographer - Laura

Last year (I just like to say that) I met up with Laura for a Lifestyle Session.  I have known Laura since 6th grade (Whiteside represent!) and she is a FABULOUS photographer, so I was super excited about her session.  Laura is gorgeous, a total sweetheart, tons of fun, and down for anything....which makes my "job" easy.  Make sure to check out Laura's website!  Here are a few from Laura's Lifestyle Session.  Enjoy!

I can be funny...I have my moments...

You so gorgeous!

Love love love this light....

Who wants a lime green wall in their house???  This girl right here...

I was kind of spazzing (it's a word) out at this point, love it!

"Do you want me to lay on the ground?"  Well SURE! :)  

Like you don't tresspass....ppppplease....
FYI trespass is spelled trespass...um ya...so it's not a word, which means we didn't tresspass...right? Right!

And because Whiteside is the best side...(did we really used to say that?)
We had to represent....

WOOT! :)

Thanks so much Laura!  You are the bomb diggity! :)


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