January 24, 2011

Easily distracted....

So today I am supposed to be cleaning my house.  I was supposed to do it yesterday but hello...there were 2 football games on AND it was snowing outside.  Too many distractions...  So today was my "have to clean my house this is ridiculous" day.  I started to clean....but then I got distracted.  It happens quite often, which is how my bedroom furniture got painted black, my bedroom got painted purple, and my front door got painted white.  I like to paint things.  I was VERY tempted to paint my kitchen cabinets today...but I'm pretty sure I need to sand them first and that takes too long.  So instead I grabbed my camera.  Who gets distracted by pretty purses hanging on the wall???  I do.  Who gets distracted by pretty lamp shades decorated in pearls and clip on flowers???  I do.  Enjoy. :)

I'm SERIOUSLY going to go clean my house now.  I mean it.... :)
Have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

I would REALLY like to borrow that leopard purse. I have earrings to match! :) Also, your lampshade is very clean so you are doing a FABULOUS job!


You can borrow it. The straps are really stiff so I don't use it very often...it needs to be broken in. You have leopard earrings??? I need to see these... And the lampshade is only clean because it's right by the back door and the wind cleans it everytime we let Gracie out... :)

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