July 24, 2010

When in doubt, raise your hand...

Yesterday was an AH-MAZING day.  It really was....  I woke up early with wattery eyes, a clogged up nose, majorly (word?) stuffy head, and huge bags under my eyes.  I popped some Mucinex-D, sat down in the living room, and enjoyed a bowl of raisin bran.  Last weekend I had won tickets from a local radio station to see Sara Bareilles in a private studio show.  I never call radio stations to win anything, because I never win.  I don't gamble, play bingo, or buy lottery tickets because I never ever win anything.  So this whole event was totally random.  As I ate my raisin bran with extra raisins, I seriously thought about not going.  I felt like crap....total crap.  But then the little voice in my head started to argue...and would not shut up.  "It's only for an hour or 2....you can come back home and sleep the rest of the day...this is a once in a lifetime thing....you never win anything loser!"  It went somethiing like that...  When my mom and I arrived at the show I was feeling pretty terrible but dang it, I won!  Sara Bareilles came out, cute as ever and sang her little heart out.  She was so down to earth, awesome sense of humor, and such a delight. 

I will give a full play by play in another post, but to my point.  At the end of the show, Courtney from Y98 asked everyone who was going to Celebrate St. Louis to raise their hand.  I was not going.  It's a million degrees outside, it's super crowded, oh and I'm sick as a dog.  Then she said, "Those who have your hands up, keep them up, because you have a chance to win VIP tickets to see Sara Bareilles tonight in concert."  Then the little voice in my head actually raised my hand ever so slowly.  Then Courtney said, if you want free VIP tickets you have to go see (we'll call him Buddy) standing right over there.  Well "Buddy" was standing 10 feet away from me.  SO THEN the little voice made me stand up and walk rather quickly over to "Buddy".  He only had a handful of tickets and started handing them out.  With five tickets left in his hand (oh ya, I counted) he looked at me and asked how many I wanted.  In a polite clogged up raspy voice I said "two please?"  Then Buddy handed me two free VIP tickets.  My mom and I then got to meet Sara Bareilles and have our picture taken with her.  **Insert angels singing sound here**  After a long much needed nap and more meds, my mom and I attended Celebrate St. Louis and watched Sara Bareilles from the 3rd row of VIP seating.  It was amazing....  The whole day was an amazing experience.  I'm so glad I listened to the little voice in my head....and raised my hand. :)

IMG_1666 web2


Meg said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from Friday :)

Andi said...

Geez louise! How amazing is that?!
So cool Kristina!! Love that pic you snapped of her also, amazing!

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