February 24, 2010

"Sneak Peek"- Chase

Hello everyone!  I have been "crazy" busy this week.... while fighting off a migraine (I have a sword), and I must admit....I've been sucked into the Olympics.  Why do all of the good events (sorry) have to come on SO late!?!  UH!  I love the Olympics...and I SO want a pair of those adorable RED Olympic mittens!  But I must say....the whole world just comes to a stop when Apolo Ohno skates.....yes...... I guess you could say I have a massive crush on him?  It's ok, my husband is fully aware of this.  Is it because during his last race I was jumping up and down screaming for him????  Is it because every time we watch the Olympics I make a comment on how cute Apolo is even though we are watching skiing or hockey?  You could say that....  Keep up the good work Apolo!  You can beat those mean, arm swinging, skate tripping Koreans! I'm just saying...

But I just recently had a photo session with the adorable Chase and wanted to post a pic.  So here is a little "sneak peek" for now!  Don't worry, I will have a massive post very soon!  Enjoy!  GO APOLO!  :)

Isn't he adorable???

Have a fabulous day!


Andi said...

Chase is adorable! That is a great photo! His parents must be thrilled!! Love the Olympics :)

Meg said...

Oh that is just tooooooo cute!


He looks just like his parents, such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! -Jen

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