February 12, 2010


SO I am really bummed because this weekend my DH and I had planned a very romantic/fun weekend in Savannah GA.  We had originally wanted to go to Montreal but realized it's winter, so no.  Then we (I) got the great idea to go to San Francisco.  ALL excited about that, then the flights sold out.  THEN we came up with Savannah, GA.  Southern, romantic, antique shops, beach an hour away.....sold!  SO I ran around for hours after work yesterday getting my nails done, buying a cute purple cardigan from Express to wear over my black dress to dinner Sunday night, then across town to target where I found some cute black tights.  I was ready to go!  Then when I walked in the door Tim had this look on his face and said...."How are you?'....and I said "WHAT?!?!?!" because I can read him like a book.  "Our flights were cancelled....Atlanta is supposed to get 6 inches of snow....."  Then I threw a little tantrum (yes because I'm 5 years old) and threw all of my shopping bags on the dining room table (which are still there right now) and continued to complain how I never get to go anywhere etc.  I know really mature....  But I was SO BUMMED!  No beach, no italian restaurant, no ghost tour!  BOO!  Then being the brat that I am and VERY stubborn (don't I just sound like a peach?) Tim and I jumped online to see if ANYTHING was available as far as flights.  Everything was sold out!  And no we were not buying tickets, we get flight "benefits" and can fly space available.  YES I know I should be glad to have these "flight benefits" but I never get to use them because the flights are ALWAYS sold out.  This is why I was SO excited for this weekend.  But there would be no traveling, everything was sold out.....including Boise Idaho?!?!?!? 

SO enough about that, since it is Valentine's Day weekend I decided to share some pics from this week.  I baked cupcakes!.  DH and I are going to go to the Zoo or the Art Museum today so I will post some of those pics tomorrow.  Since I will not be posting any pics from Savannah.......  ok ok I'll stop.  Happy Friday everyone!

We received our new down comforter from Overstock this week which was exciting.  I was playing around with different blankets etc.  This is the cashmere throw I found at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago.  I need a new blanket to go at the foot of the bed.  We are also painting this room in a few weeks.  What color do you think would work????  I am thinking Serene.  What do you think???  Ideas are VERY welcome!  Help!

My baby Gracie enjoying "her" new bedding....  :)

I thouht this was SO cute...Gracie had gathered her "fuzzy crew" on the couch in my office/family room.  From the left, Pandi, Leopard, Buddy, Quali, and in the front Zebah....aka Fuzzy Crew!  Please excuse the dog hair, but I have the fuzziest dog ever!

See??????  Gracie has a gorgeous coat but it just goes everywhere....I still love her though. :)

And of course it snowed this week....story of my life.  After 10 minutes of making Tim stand outside and trying to "catch" a snowflake, I gave up and just took a pic of the railing.  See the little perfect snowflakes???  Thanks anyways Tim....  :)

I found these really cute gift bags at Target in the $1 bins!!!  Score! 

Also found THE CUTEST cupcake baking pan for $2.50 also from Target.....

Found this towel set with matching hot pads....so cute....

As well as this little set.....which will be diplayed as of Monday.  Very springy right?  I thought they were cute....  :)

TAH DAH!  Cupcakes make everything better.....  :)

Hope you have a FABULOUS day! 


Andi said...

Such fun and festive finds! Those cupcakes looks ahh-mazing. So sorry about your Savannah trip, that is disappointing. Boo. Maybe it will be even better when you do get to go though.

I cannot believe the snowflakes really look like that! You got the perfect shot of them, I am new to this whole snow thing, but I can't believe they are so beautiful! Hope you enjoy your weekend in spite of staying put ;)

Andi said...

I meant cupcakes *look*, I have an attention problem LOL!

mzerr said...

I'm so bummed for you Kristina! To be honest, I probably would have shed a tear or two had that happened to us, I would be SO upset!

Your cupcakes look so yummy...and yeah, totally going to have to take a trip to Target dollar bin, cute stuff!

Take care! Melissa

Andi said...

Oh ps-I couldn't see Serene, but I obsessed with dusky purple/lilac--so it would look almost grey. I would love that contrast in your room!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness are those RED VELVET CUPCAKES??? Yummo..That is so funny because I am making a red velvet cake for this weekend. Your cupcakes look DELISH!! :)

Sorry that you guys didnt' make it to your weekend get away...but at least the brighter side is knowing that you will not get stuck in some airport because of the crazy snow!

Hope you still have a great weekend!


Andi- LOL...I know what you meant. I have a couple spelling errors in my post and it is killing me because I want to edit and fix them. Hmmm... I like snowflakes up close and personal, but not when they cancel my weekend. Boo! Serene is a grayish blue/light purple. I may get the samples that are close to serene that are more purple and paint them on the wall...compare! Hope you have a great weekend as well! Are you going for the red lipstick look? :)

Melissa- Oh I totally shed a few tears out of frustration when I was throwing my little (big) tantrum. Oh well... Have fun at Target! OH and my fav. antique shop is having 50% off on Monday so i won't miss that sale after all... :)

Laura- OH YES, they are red velvet! My FAV! OOOhhh your making a red velvet cake??? YUMMO! Ya I hate getting stuck in airports. We once got stuck in Miami airport for 2 days....not fun. Hope you have a great weekend as well! :)

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