February 16, 2011

About Me: Where was I born?

So why do I include personal info on my photog blog?  Because I can.... :)  And because I want clients to "hire me" because they like that I'm obsessed with red velvet cake and know I expect a piece of cake during their wedding reception.  :)  I can hold my camera with one hand and shove cake in my mouth with the other...mad skills.  So personal fact for the day?  Where I was born. 

I was born on Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan.  The number one comment I get when I tell people this.... "You don't look Japanese"....yes, I know this.  My dad was in the Air Force.  My mom bopped around Yokota Air Base with me in her belly making several trips to the BX (Base Exchange) to enjoy her daily chili dog.  In my family photo album I have pictures of my parents opening Christmas presents not knowing that 2 days later they would be welcoming their only daughter and only child into their lives.  I was born at 5:30pm (dinner time....go figure) on December 27th, one month early.  I weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces (pretty good size for a premature baby), must have been all of those chili dogs.

What was it like growing up in Japan?  I wouldn't know...  We only lived there for a few more months and then moved back to the States....California to be exact.  When I was in my senior year of college I thought seriously about moving to Japan for a bit to teach English, but I do plan on going back one day for a visit.  I would love to see where I was born, take lots and lots of photos, and mingle with the people and experience the culture. 

Wanna know another cool personal fact?  I have a cousin who was also born at Yokota Air Base in the exact same hospital.  Cool?  I think so...  Hi Chris! :)  Just one of the perks of being a military brat.  And because a post is always better with a photo....

Quiche....  I know, random.  I'm posting this because I bought all the stuff to make a broccoli quiche but I haven't made it yet....and I need to.  And I'm hungry.
Mmmmmm Quiche...and this was the best quiche I have ever had...little cafe in Paris.  YUMMO!

Have a fabulous day! ♥


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