September 5, 2010

Southern Illinois Newborn/Family Photographer - Lila

You may remember Liz from her maternity session.  I loved that session....  Well guess what?????  Liz gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl named Lila.  And guess what else???? (Yes I'm like a 5 year old....)  The Kleiners invited me back out to their LOVELY home to have one adorable family session.  I LOVE this family, they are so much fun.  AND they live on one awesome farm.  I love farms....  Thanks you SO much Kleiner family for welcoming me back into your home and letting me capture your adorbale newest edition to your family, Lila.  She is SO precious!  :)  Here are a few from their family session.  Enjoy!

IMG_4138 web
I love their master bedroom....creepy I know....but it has so much character and gorgeous natural light....I like to take over people's bedrooms....sorry.... ;)

IMG_4133 web
Ella does the opposite of what you tell it's like a game....if you want her to smile you have to say "Don't you smile!!!"'s funny...

IMG_4153 web
"DON'T YOU SMIIIIIIILE!!!!!"....see it works.... :)

IMG_4160 web

4174-C web

4181-C web

4195-C web

4197-C web

4204-C web

4209-Copy web
It was REALLY hot that day...but when you live on a farm there are endless places to shoot...I want a farm..

4212-C web
Isn't Liz gorgeous??????  I love this photo...  My mom thinks Liz looks like a cross between Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts......she's gorgeous...

IMG_4217 web
Ella and I have the same hot pink Crocs...except she has way cool flowers on hers....I just have sparkly win Ella.... :)

IMG_4237 web
This is their family dog Tess.....Isn't she a cute pookie wookie????  I love dogs... :)

4208-C web
I LOVE this picture....Tess and Shad are very close...It reminds me of a Levi Jeans Ad.  Get a huge canvas print of this one????  I may even get one....Love it.... :)

4241-Copy web
Introducing baby Lila!  She's so puuuuuurty! :)  And on a side not, Liz's father made this little bassinet (it's vintage).  I thought that was very cool.... :)

4245-Copy web
So tiny....

4247-C web
Yet so "vocal"...."Get out of my face crazy lady!...."  :)

IMG_4253 web
I love her little hat....I kind of want one for myself.... :)

IMG_4257 web
Awwww a squishy face....hehe...

IMG_4311 web
Such a happy you have baby fever yet????  I do.... :)

4275-C web
Hey there gorgeous....

4283-Copy web
Oh ya, check out that smile.... :)

4318-C web
Liz also had this vinatge Coca Cola crate...awwwwesome.....

4362-Copy web
Yes I'm in your face again.... :)

IMG_4360 web

IMG_4332 web

4386-C web
Nap time....

4335-C web
How excuse me while I go have a baby.....Juuuuuuust kidding.... ;)

4394-C web

Thanks again Kleiner family!  You guys are awesome! :)

Have a fabulous day!


Rebecca Schmidt :) said...

Those are so beautiful! Great job! Love the squishy face one of Lila and the family shots are gorgeous!

Veronika said...

great pics :)


Just a note...I did not cut of Lila's head in the first few pics, blogger did it! I am trying to fix the can also view them on FB...and everyones heads are there! :)

Rebecca- Thank you :) I love squishy faces..hehe..

Thanks Veronika :)

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