September 9, 2010

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photographer - Tiffani

Tiffani and I recently met in downtown St. Louis for her Senior Session.  You may remember (who could forget) her sneak peek.  Tiffani is SO gorgeous and such a rockstar!  She was game for anything, which makes me smile.  We hit the streets (Washington Ave. area), played in some awesome (smelly) alleys, dodged some traffic, and set up shop on a window ledge...oh ya!  Talk about one AWESOME photo session.  Here are a few from Tiffani's senior session!  Enjoy!

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SUCH a pretty girl!

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Yes she sat on a window ledge.....4 stories up.....and it was awesome!

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Red high heels!!!....Tiffani is definitely my kind of gal... :)

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I had to use my "spiderman skills" for this one...woot woot!

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And yes it was a bit breezy....but breeze is good.... ;)

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36 web
And yes I went out there with her....and yes my "assistant" had her hand in my back pocket the whole time.
I did not even notice (go figure) but my "assistant" was planning on catching me by my pocket if I was to lose my balance....thanks mom.... :)

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Calvin Klein Ad???  Say what...... :)

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Then we walked around Washington Ave.  Lots of cool spots...

66 web
I'm pretty sure this is when I lost my balance standing on the cement block in the parking lot....I tried really hard to save it...but I just looked like a fool and made strange noises while falling.... :)

64 web are stunning...

76 web
I wish I could rock a pair of skinny jeans like Tiffani....Skinny Jeans and I just don't get along...

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Just gorgeous....

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"Okay Tiffani, so just act like your waiting for the bus.....even though you are not getting on the bus.....don't get on the bus....just watch me get run over by oncoming traffic....oh crap....." :)

94 web
Squeeee!.. :)

88 web

145 web
Tiffani is a cheerleader...she's got some mad skills ya'll....I wanted to show her my herkie and my double nine...but I didn't want to show her up.... ;)
(I'm so joking people....)

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134 web

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Tiffani has a thang for Volkswagon Beetles.  When I first spoke to her on the phone I asked her what she was really into...."Volkswagon Bugs and Peace Signs..."  Flower child??? 
Oh she's definitely my kind of gal.... :)

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And now for the GRAND FINALE!  Look at this dress!!!!  HOTT!

168 web
And it's leopard on the inside?!?!?!?!?  Please excuse me while I jump up and down and Squeeeeee!!!
That dress is I want to go to prom all over again...why didn't we have cool prom dresses like this????  WHY???

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AND diamond studded heels?!?!?! complete me.... ;)
I wear a size 10 just in case you were wondering....

152 web
And yes you better believe Tiffani drew some attention off the street...
"Hey....what are you guys shooting for????"
"Oooohhh don't mind us...just shooting the cover of Vogue...."

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173 web

164 web
Is she lovely...(Isn't she wonderful...)...Stevie Wonder song...

181 web

179 web
And of MUST spin around in a dress like that....

175 web
LOOOOOOVE IT!  Okay now my turn.... ;)

Thanks again Tiffani for one awesome session!  I hope you had as much fun as I did! :)
And a big thank you to Nichole and Josh (and Ziggi) for letting us take over their loft!
And a big thank you to Nicole....I can't wait to shoot for your FABULOUS wedding in April chica!

Have a fabulous day!


The Pretty Pauper said...

Gorgeous pictures!

(The Pretty Pauper)

Meg said...

Wow, these are GREAT! You did an awesome job and had a beautiful model. Are you sure these were senior pictures? :)


Thanks Amanda! :)

Thanks Megan! :) Isn't she gorgeous? I know right? I wish I looked like that in high school...ha! :)

Anonymous said...

These photos are beautiful! Although you did have an amazing model to work with, which I'm sure helped. Nikki M. shared your site with me, and it left me quite impressed. Your posing, lighting, depth of field, background selection etc. all very fresh. Great stuff!!


Thanks Anon, that means a lot! :)

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